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Sparrow Records Debuts...Danyew!
Posted March 25, 2009
By crazyforchrist,

Based from San Diego, California, Danyew brings us a short, but passionate six track album. From the opening rock strains of “Closer We Are”, to the off sounding end track, “Turnstile”, and the points he highlights on his self- titled debut, Danyew has obviously had several factors influencing his debut project. Danyew also brings his musical talent to the front, playing every single instrument on the project. But don’t let the latter fool you, he’s got a sound that will strike the strings of your soul like any other artist.

The prelude EP to this full-length project, which carries the same name, included two songs which are also on this project, “Beautiful King,” and “Streetlight.” The EP was probably more than likely just for promotional purposes, but gave the music world a small taste of what Danyew would be like.

The full-length kicks off strong with the rocky/pop “Closer We Are.” The song speaks about the more we get closer to God, He gets closer to us. But could be taken as a love song like on the chorus, “The closer we are/You know we can’t hide it/The closer we are/You know we can’t fight it”. While love songs are necessarily bad, you would need God in it to be able to see it through.

“Streetlight” is an upbeat pop song, with the song describing how God first loved us. “I saw love deeper the Pacific/I saw love burning brighter than stars.” The song just pours out how God has loved us, and that His love shines “like a streetlight” into our lives. Raw, open, and passionate, is the best way to describe this song. “Beautiful King,” the fourth song on the full-length project, is a direct worship song to God, which touches the heart of the listener in an unexplainable way. Whether it’s the acoustic/pop sound, the light vibrato in the vocals, the lyrics, or just the presence of God, this song is a definite mover, and in my eyes, more than likely, the best song off the entire project.

“Every word that you say/Wields the beauty of the angels/Every smile’s arrayed/With a joy like wedding bells/It’s my heart You hold/Of Your mystery I sing/I will stand and behold/My Beautiful King”

“Nothing Without You” is a kicking, country-sounding song, with light pop infused. The song name pretty much says it all, we’re nothing without God. “Life is beautiful/But I think it’d be nothing without You/Life is wonderful/It moves my soul/But I know it’d be nothing without You.” “Close Your Eyes,” and “Turnstile” carry on an off sounding musical style, like going from a major chord to some type of weird seventh minor chord. “Close Your Eyes” is different in the light that it has a very creepy sounding chorus, with the vocals almost whispering the music in your ears. “Turnstile” almost has a 60s-80s pop sounding style, and seems to be a love song. The one thing that throws the entire song off, if it isn’t already off sounding enough, is the tin-panny sounding piano after the second chorus. It throws everything off, and is a horrible way to end the album.

Phil Danyew (his full name) gives us a great debut to let sink into our hearts. While having its times of off sounding tunes, Phil is still new, and I’m sure he’s given this album all he’s got. Another factor is that overtime we all get better and better by God’s grace. So all in all, the album far surpasses the maturity level of most new artists, but could stand a little polishing in a few areas.

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