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June 26, 2010, 17:07PM 
hows it goin?
February 17, 2010, 23:51PM 
Hey Whats up
February 05, 2010, 16:35PM 
That's Cool!

So How Did you/Do you get in the interviewing world?

'Cause I Would Like To, But don't Know How
February 05, 2010, 16:02PM 
Is that Flyleaf in the picture?
February 19, 2009, 09:54AM 
Have a great weekend:)
February 14, 2009, 12:03PM 
February 04, 2009, 19:14PM 
The new RED album is going to be AMAZING!!!
December 21, 2008, 00:04AM 
Merry Christmas! :)
December 04, 2008, 22:58PM 
Hiyee!! (o.O) thanks for adding me.. how are you? God Bless Yah!
December 01, 2008, 13:21PM 
hi! thanks for adding me:)
what's up?
November 03, 2008, 21:59PM 
Hey!I'm not able 2 recive private msgs right now.So if you wanna talk you'll have 2 leave me a comment on my profile. :-)
October 07, 2008, 23:08PM 
Hey, thanks for the add... noticed your "Currently Listening To" thing on your profile. I think that's a pretty rad idea. May have to steal that at some point lol...
September 30, 2008, 22:51PM 
hey thanks. yeah i like the picture too. but nope didnt take it. just found it randomly online.
September 03, 2008, 15:19PM 
hey cool profile
September 02, 2008, 12:44PM 
Thanks for the invite, great music taste I see!
August 31, 2008, 12:57PM 
Hey, thanks! Too bad I'll never be as cool as you moderators...

August 09, 2008, 23:03PM 
July 29, 2008, 15:38PM 
Eh...I actually didn't think about it.

I'll probably end up joining very soon though. :)
July 29, 2008, 11:00AM 
Wow, just wanted to say that you got me hooked on JfH. I'm visiting their site pretty much as often as I do here, and I love it. Thanks!!
July 24, 2008, 08:15AM 
Thanks for the request!
HOLY COW you have ton of points- God Bless
July 21, 2008, 14:42PM 
Hi wats up?
July 15, 2008, 23:24PM 
hey.... how you doing?? Thanks for adding me... you listen pretty awesome bands
July 15, 2008, 18:09PM 
Hey you like Ivoryline...there awesome live...i met the lead singer...
July 14, 2008, 10:48AM 
you have an awesome taste in music....

I'm Joel...

what's your name??
July 12, 2008, 21:25PM 
You totally deserved it. If more members were like you guys, this place would be next to heaven.

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