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Home for the Holidays
by Kimberly0191 (View All Kimberly0191's Blog Entries)

Thursday, December 16, 2010 Type: Life Views: 450

I'm finally home from college for Christmas break.
It's been a wierd semester i must say. Leadership team kind of fell apart, which is sad, but i know God has a bigger plan for us. I just pray that we can reach more college student lives next semester. I've joined this bible study that started at the beginning of the year called "Sola Gratia" (In God Alone). It's been pretty amazing, and i've come closer with God and other students through it. Maybe next semester we can get more to attend, I pray that God gives us the courage to go out and tell others about it. Word of the mouth does so much better than hanging up signs.
So i'm home now... and i gotta say, last night was pretty great! I want to thank God for it all too. Without him, the conversation that took place between my 13 year old sister and i for 3 hours would be useless. My sister was already saved and baptized. The girl probably knows more stories of the bible than i do. But being a 13 year old girl in a public school... you tend to want to live the way all your friends are. She was not standing in a very good relationship with God. I don't come home enough to have bible studies with her like i promised, but last night, we talked alot. I helped her realize that she didn't have to follow the patterns of the world like all her friends are doing. We talked and talked and talked and well, God and I helped her back on the right path... I give God all this Glory though. He placed the right things to say to her in my mouth so that she could understand. This really tickled my heart...
She was reading scripture to me, as i gave her verses to read that i knew would touch her heart. I could tell she was struggling trying to read her bible, because it was a New King James Version... being 19 and in college, even i have problems with this version sometimes. Today, i went to the store to buy her a backpack bible so she could take it anywhere she goes. It's a New International Version (like my backpack bible, but a different cover.) She's in her room reading it right now... i peaked through the crack of her door and there she was, in deep concentration. this made me smile a lot. We're going to have another bible study tonight. I can't wait! God is amazing, and to see the joy of kids when they know Jesus as their personal savior is just a huge blessing.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Holiday! and don't forget the true meaning of Christmas! God Bless everyone!

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