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'The Christmas Shoes' - An Amazing True Story....
by smittyfan (View All smittyfan's Blog Entries)

Monday, December 13, 2010 Type: Life Views: 3389

a couple days ago, as my mom was going to the store at about closing time, to get something she needed for work the next day, she was approached by someone....

this guy actually came up and asked if she had fifty cents he could have. the guy was pretty clean cut, and didn't look like a typical bum, just wanting money from others. he had also seemed slighly embarrased about asking for money, but it was apparently something important to him...

my mom asked him what he wanted the money for, and he mentioned having been all over the place, trying to find just the right shoes for his daughter, for her dance recital the next day, and this was the only store that had the right shoes in her size, and he was fifty cents short.

this really touched my mom's heart, and there was no way this could have been a mere coincidence... my mom's loved the story of 'The Christmas Shoes', and this just had to be another one of those 'GOD' moments... :D

since the store was about to close, my mom took a couple minutes to grab what she needed, then met the guy at the checkstand...

actually when the clerk rang the shoes up, it only came to 49 cents short, so my mom gave the clerk 2 quarters and said to find the shiniest penny in the drawer and give it to the guy.
my mom then told the guy to give the penny to his daughter, and say something nice to her about it... like it being a lucky penny for her shoe or something....

this is one of those stories that just totally blows my mind away... :0 it just wows me... :D it's crazy.... words can describe how amazing it is... :D

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