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Sailing Home
by DrJ (View All DrJ's Blog Entries)

Saturday, May 29, 2010 Type: Poetry Views: 358

Sailing Home

We were set on course for death
Since the day we followed the snake
We chose his words of promise
And our eyes were forced awake
We let him sink fangs in our heels
And the poison filled our souls
We wanted to be like the Master
And decided to take lifeís controls
The courses we set got us nowhere
But lost in seas made by mistake
The ships were sailing to death
With nothing of worth in our wake
Cargos of pride and selfishness
Were rotting the boats from within
We refused to let go of false treasures
Refused to see we lived in sin
The oceans were covered in darkness
A storm was all we could see
All thanks to corruption of hearts
And the rebellion of humanity
But before we crashed on the rocks
And reaped all the horrors we sowed
The Carpenter took on a vessel
And told us to give Him our loads
Some of the sailors accepted
They gave him their baggage of death
The others refused to let go
And their pride cost them every last breath

But the Prince of Peace set sail with His ship
And with the sin of the world in the hold
He drove by night to the darkest of storms
On deep waters jet black and cold
The Serpent swam up to His side filled with hate
And viciously tore at the hull
But a final attack by the King of all kings
Crushed the sea Dragonís skull
The Captain of Time bound the Reptile with chains
And put him with all of our sin
Then with all of our evil aboard with the Snake
He let the murderous waters pour in
By His own choice, though no crime was His
Christ sank with the terrors we made
And the darkest storm broke to light from the sun
Waves and wind started to fade

We were free of the captors weíd served
And our fleets no longer would sink
The gales were nowhere in sight
A peace settled over the drink
But what of the Teacher who drowned?
Only He knew where to go
We were left with no clear direction
Drifting where currents would flow
But the Father had not forgotten
And abandoned us to the sea
The Cornerstone rose from the depths
To lead us from our agony
He now commands the armada
We follow wherever He leads
He slows His pace when we stumble
Takes care of our troubles and needs

On the horizon, I see golden shores
And Iím glad I donít wander and roam
My Savior is guiding my vessel
Heíll take me to where Iíll be home

And soon, Iíll finally be home!

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