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Everything is Different Now for Stellar Kart
by crazyforchrist (View All crazyforchrist's Blog Entries)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Type: Music Views: 1212

Dove award winning pop/punk band Stellar Kart began their musical journey as a worship band and now with their new project "Everything is Different Now," they're returning to those roots. The title of the new project truly says alot since the group has gone through some major changes in the past year or so. With those thoughts in mind, Andrew Funderburk sat down with Adam Agee from Stellar Kart to chat not only about their new project but also the way they have handled these changes in their lives.

Hi Adam! Thanks for taking your time to do this interview with!

No problem!

The past year has met some major changes for the band: the band changing record labels, and a new member coming in while an old one left. How have these changes affected the groupís lives?

Itís been great! I think a lot of the changes were necessary and itís like a breath of fresh air. It feels like weíre starting over but with a giant head start with all the work weíve done so far.

Did the previously mentioned changes somehow bring about the title of your new project?

Yeah! That was the idea. We were writing a song about it and when it came out everyone was like, ďYeah that needs to be the title of the new project because of everything thatís been going on lately.Ē

With the new project, you returned to the roots that the band began at: worship. How did it feel to go back and revisit it?

It was good and refreshing. Itís another piece of who Stellar Kart is and itís nice to be able to share that with our fans and the new fans that are going to hear this kind of music. Itís where we started out and it feels good to go back and revisit that.

What message does the band hope to shoot out to the listeners with the new album?

We want most of all for people to be encouraged. Thereís a lot of negative lyrical music out there. Thereís good music, but it has negative lyrics. Our goal is to always encourage to people. We also want people to look at worship in a different light. Not necessarily the same worship song over and over, there is more than one way to worship through music, and we donít want people to feel like theyíre pigeon-holed in this little box thinking, ďThis is the only way you can worship.Ē We want people to think of worship more outside of the box and in a different way.

What song was a favorite for the band to record on the new album?

I think one my favorite songs [off the project] is the last track, ďLike the Sun.Ē I just love the lyrics and itís one of my favorite songs that Iíve ever written. Then the music is a fun little journey through time. It starts out in the 1940s, then moves through the 50s, 60s, 70s, and ends up somewhere in the 90s, with an epic guitar solo at the end.

For the members of the group, who has been an influence for the bandís music and individual lives?

Iíd say musical influences for this project were the Hillsong guys. I got to write with Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan. These guys are guys who have helped shaped the worship culture and Christian music. It was a huge honor and privilege to write with these guys. They were also extremely influential for me growing up. In our lives, our pastors and youth pastors back home, and different promoters we meet on the road have been an encouragement and kept us going.

What Bible verse or chapter would you say has been a pillar for the band?

I donít know about the band as a whole, but for me, personally, my favorite would have to be Philippians 4:13, which says, ďI can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength.Ē All along the way, there are so many people, who say things like you canít do this, the odds are against you, you canít ever get ahead, you canít make any money, you canít make an impact, and you canít do this or that. Itís just kind of like saying, ďYou know I canít do this, but through Christ all things are possible.Ē

So, what aspirations does the band have for the future?

Weíre going to keep playing music as long as we can afford to make music. [Laughs.] We want to keep making records and encouraging people. Thatís what weíre here for, and if that means we blow up and become this huge arena rock band, thatís awesome. But if it means that we stay at the level weíre at, then thatís fine too. Weíre content where we are and weíll see what happens. We want to keep doing this as long as it feels like itís what God wants for us.

Thanks Adam for talking with us! It was awesome talking to you. Iím totally stoked about the new project! Before we let you off the hook, are there any comments youíd like to leave with the fans?

If the fans want to come out to a show, weíd love to have you. Itís a guarantee of a fun time. Also, check us out on myspace, Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. You can probably get a hold of us and weíll chat. It sounds like fun!

Stellar Kart links: Official website

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