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Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room
by SarahFine_NRT (View All SarahFine_NRT's Blog Entries)

Monday, November 25, 2013 Type: Life Views: 221


Let every heart prepare Him room.”

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard this song in my brief lifetime. 22 years, friends. That’s 22 Christmases worth of “Joy To The World” sung around Christmas Trees, played on radios, and heard as white noise in hustled shopping malls as I finish buying those final presents for family and friends. 22 Christmases.

That’s a REALLY long time to be missing the point.

I’ve been compelled to give more this season.

“I always strive to give, God” I argued in (prideful) self-defense, “especially around this time of year.”

Yes, but I need you to give more.”

'Give.' That words hurts sometimes. Especially when it's paired together with 'more.'

I need you to give more, and trust Me for the rest.”

Ouch. Just… ouch.

God knows. He knows how pompous I pretend to be sometimes. He knows that I’ll buy a crappy $5 dollar bottle of perfume for a family member and try to wrap it up all nice so it looks like I spent a ton of money on it. He knows that I’m willing to give, but that I’ll make it the most convenient sacrifice I could make. He knows that I settle for good and hold back better because I worry that I might have have enough left for what I need. Maybe even things I selfishly want more.

Guilty, convicted, and genuinely convicted to give more, I hear those timeless words chime through my head…

Let every heart prepare Him room.”

…and I finally understand why.

Christ invades our space.

He invades our space, He pops our bubble, He rips the blankets off of our warm, Christian comfort and exposes us to the chilly air on those brutal winter mornings. This isn’t anything new. From the moment He arrived on the scene, He invaded our space.

—When He chose to make Himself human by miraculously impregnating a teenage girl, He invaded her space.

—When He required a young Nazarene carpenter to adopt Him and father Him up into the man He was destined to be, He invaded his space.

—When the moment came for Him to be born and He compelled an overworked Innkeeper in Bethlehem to allow His sudden arrival in his crusty, old barn, He invaded his space.

—When a few thousand angels showed up to some shepherds working a graveyard shift in the field and told them to leave their post and worship the newborn Savior, He invaded their space.

In each moment leading up to His coming, Christ invaded. He seldom offered reason and often gave very little answers. He, for the sake of saving humanity, only asked that all these (and more throughout the course of His life) give more, and trust Him for the rest.

And every heart prepared Him room.

Through His gentle whisper in our souls, softer than the wind, yet louder than a jet engine, He is still asking us today, “Will you make room for Me?”

And will we? Will we clear out our narcissistic clutter and make room for Him in our lives? Will we open ourselves up to whatever sacrificial selflessness He calls us to? Will we let Him invade our normal and challenge our tradition?

My prayer as this Christmas season begins, is that my heart would make room for Him. That He would come and invade the space I’ve invited Him to reside, and make me open to whatever imposition He lays upon me for the sake of loving others, and furthering Kingdom agenda. He hasn’t asked me to make sense of any of it. He has simply asked me to do the same thing He asked a ragtag cast of characters to do for Him 2,000 years ago: “Give more… and trust Me for the rest.”

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