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Looking back on 2011
by UnlikelyCARSfan (View All UnlikelyCARSfan's Blog Entries)

Saturday, December 31, 2011 Type: Life Views: 403

Hello NRT! Long time, no blog, huh? Yeah... it can be so hard get the inspiration and the time to write a blog sometimes. And since this is the end of the year, like I did last year, I'm giving you a recap of all the cool things that happened in the last 12 months. So... what did make 2011 so epic? And please forgive me if I neglected to mention anything, because I KNOW I probably did.
In January, I got a chance to check out two amazing movies by the titles of Dinosaur and Lady and The Tramp, as this awesome year got kick-started... oh, and did I mention we had around eight inches of snow?
In February, the Funky Jesus Music was rockin' the building when I saw tobyMac, Brandon Heath, and House of Heroes (and even a little Jamie Grace!) along with the rest of Diverse City at the Winter WonderSlam Tour!
In March, I spent a lot a lot and I mean a LOT of time drawing... which definitely helped improve my drawings, big-time!
In April, I had an epic Easter... and managed to survive a 5-day blackout after those awful tornados came around.
In May, my Cars 2 obsession started to really come around, and I happened to see three out of four of the POTC movies and Rio! All so awesome! Oh, and I celebrated my first Star Wars Day (May The Fourth be with you) by watching Star Wars Episode 1 for the first time!
June brought Cars 2... and a bit of a mix-up than landed me in Kung Fu Panda 2 instead of Cars 2, but gave me the opportunity to see another fun movie, and to get even more ready for Cars 2! Also, I began to enjoy spending Tuesdays all the way through Fridays watching episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
In July, a blu-ray of Mater's Tall Tales came just in time with a free Cars 2 ticket! On July 18th, my mind was blown and my heart was stolen by what I still consider the best movie of the year! (More gushing about this movie can be seen in previous 2011 blog entries)
August brought my birthday, which was so crazy awesome I don't know where to begin! I can say that my birthday did pull me into Webkinz (my Webkinz Signature Dama Gazelle, Francesco, says "hi"!) and Disney/Pixar Car collecting (I already have Lightning, Mater, and Finn; Holley is on the way!). And finally, in less than 3 months since receiving my 500th fan on Disney Create, I got my 1000th fan!!! I luvs my fanz so much!!!
In September, I sort of had a bit of an emotional breakdown on 9/11. I don't know why... I was very young when it happened, and I didn't lose any family or friends that day. But I did happen to see an I Am Second video of a guy who was in one of the towers that day and his wife was in the other tower and they managed to survive, and find faith in God. It just plain wowed me so much that it was hard to keep tears from falling. But on a lighter note, I got to see Star Wars Episode 2! It was so cool! Not to mention the hillarious Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace! And I discovered one of the best bands ever -- We Are Leo!
October was a cavalcade of awesomeness! I saw Dolphin Tale and was genuinely surprised over how great a movie it was! I threw together a goofy costume that was basically a lion suit that I had when I was little for Halloween (and had an awesome time NRT Trick-or-Treating). And the coolest thing about this month? I saw Skillet, Disciple, We as Human, and Manafest rock out on the Awake Tour! I actually have a picture of me and Manafest and one of me and Skillet's bassist! Well, one of the reasons I haven't blogged much lately was because I uh... spilled milk into my Netbook keyboard, rendering most of the keys obsolete (but don't worry, my computer's A-OK). And I wasn't about to try writing a blog with the on-screen keyboard! However, in November, I found an old wireless keyboard of my brother's, so I'm back on the (key)board! And you can bet I'm much more careful with liquids around my system.
In November, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving that involved decking the halls for Christmas (as I always do), seeing Puss In Boots (which was great, even though I haven't seen the Shrek movies), and attending a "Tanksgiving" Party in World of Cars (and getting to hang out with Lightning and Mater... kind of).
And of course, December, has been awesome! I definitely tanked up on Christmas Spirit this year as I watched as many Christmas specials and movies as I could as many times as I could and listening to Christmas music for hours a day! And I loved the new specials (Prep & Landing Naughty vs. Nice, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, and Veggietales: The Little Drummer Boy)! God really made sure that we all had a blessed Christmas. I got Cars 2 on the deluxe 5-disc blu-ray, of course, along with some really cool stuff like a WALL-E shirt, a Star Wars Lightsaber room light kit, a Folkmanis Skunk Puppet, and a subscription to the Disney/Pixar Cars Magazine! And then I headed out on a Youth Group Ski Trip two days later! And how did that go? It was a fun time, but man alive, am I achy! If it wasn't the anvils they call "ski boots" that were on my feet, it was my lack of coordination on a pair of skis that probably left me sore from head to toe. But still, what an experience! And I did manage to go down one hill without falling!
So, as you can tell, it was an awesome year, and I sure hope your year was awesome too! It's true that no year is perfect, but when you remind yourself of all the cool stuff you got to do and that happened and the way God has blessed you, you can look back on the last twelve months and say "Wow! 2011 rocked!" And tommorrow, we can begin 2012 with a new hope for a new year (sorry about the vague Star Wars reference there). My 2011 New Year's resolution was to see all of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy movies. And I finally saw Episode 3 today! It's sad, but still, it's so cool...
Do I have one for 2012? Well, I'd like to work on my coordination and strength and stuff so I can be in better shape and possibly head out to the slopes next year, but that's one of those "Tommorrow's the first day of 2013 and-- oh crud, I never did get that accomplished did I?" resolutions. An easier one is that I want to help manage my Youth Group's Facebook page since they don't normally update it enough. I actually have a lot of things I'd like to do, but we're just going to have to wait and see what God has in store for us as we enter into 2012. Maybe I'll even blog more! Later, NRT-ators!

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