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by hebrews1316 (View All hebrews1316's Blog Entries)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Type: Music Views: 534

I recently watched the new Casting Crowns video, as I am sure many of you have, and I say I am impressed. I am pretty sure there is another discussion somewhere in these forums, but I want to go a different direction. If you took the time to watch the making of the song, you would have learned the about the inspiration that drove the song. This song ties well into "Slow Fade" from The Altar and The Door. I understood what Mark was talking about when he mentioned the heroic music at the end of the movie. More so, I appreciate his encouragement to father's to get up off their butts and be apart of the action. I don't know if you realize, but more women are attending church while the father's are sitting home. More women are involved in their child's spiritual development than are men. I am not being sexist, but when it comes to a boys spiritual development, the father is the most important person in their life. And when it comes down to it, the same goes for the daughters. The father is the one piece that holds the rest of the pieces together, without him the whole thing falls apart. I see this in daughters without fathers who are hyper-sexual, and do anything for a males attention. Or on the flip-side, totally recluse and hateful towards men. As for the sons, I see this in them becoming too feminine, or on the flip-side not being able to control their anger and other emotions. Mother's balance it all out, but fathers are the fulcrum upon which she rests upon. Father's are becoming (if not already) passive, uninvolved, and less passionate for God by the minute. The evidence is all over the place. Lecrae talks about this in his song "Just Like You." You may think Casting Crowns has sold out, or that they are too commercial, but when the music stops, they are solid ministers with a bold message to return to our biblical roots, and in this song to our biblical manhood. After meeting them four times, and talking to Brian personally, it is impossible for me not to endorse them or support their ministry. They are definitely a Christian band to pay attention to.

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