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What's Really important?
by tobeyman82 (View All tobeyman82's Blog Entries)

Monday, March 14, 2011 Type: News Politics Views: 569

Just today I was sitting down and the news happened to be on. Well we all know what the coverage was on, the devastation in Japan however it wasn't what I expected ( though maybe I should have). The conversation was on how the price of things would go up, yes you heard that right, it wasn't on how families had just lost half of their loved ones, it wasn't on how disease is going to grow, wasn't on the fact that there are probably people still stuck under debris writhing in agony, nope it was on how Bill may have to pay a little more for his flatscreen.

      Now does this hit anyone else as much as it hits me? I mean have we become so selfish that we put others on the backburner and literraly put a tv or vehicle in front of others suffering? If so, it's not right in anyway it's materialism plain and simple. It'd be like if your neighbors house was on fire and you sat there wondering if you're satellite would mess up any. It's especially important for Christians to realize this, If we are constantly concerned on how something will affect US, how WE"RE feeling instead of others, if we cheapen God's love to this how will others ever see it's worth?

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