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Thursday, February 06, 2014

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One of our favorite slogans here at New Release Tuesday is "we're all fans." And we really are. True, everyone on our staff is presented with pretty humbling opportunities, like getting to interview, tour alongside, and even hang out with some major artists, but deep down, we still fangirl about their music just as much as you do. 

Case and point?

NRT's Editor-in-Chief Marcus Hathcock recently threw an *epic dance party with some Roadshow tour volunteers and attendees. Check it out!

(*epic in this setting meaning 'awkwardest and most awesome thing ever.')

There are only two weeks left on The Roadshow, and we're excited to be hitting some major cities over the next several days! If you're coming out to any of the remaining shows, be sure to stop by the NRT booth to snag some free tunes and meet some of our team! 

Maybe even find yourself in the middle of an epic-ly awkward dance party.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Top 10 Moments Of The Roadshow 2014
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(Adventures, y'all.)

It has been an exciting two weeks for the NRTeam as The Roadshow 2014 hit its halfway point last night in Omaha, Nebraska! (Insert Peyton Manning reference HERE.)

Between reeling in crowds of thousands in Wichita and driving through freak ice storms in San Antonio, there is never a dull moment on the road. Not to mention that time NRT editor-in-chief Marcus and myself got lost looking for a Starbucks in downtown Dallas 20 minutes before the show started and I got hit by a car. 

But that's another story for another time.

We thought we'd document some of the daily craziness that happens on the road by capturing ten of our favorite Roadshow moments for you all to see! Those of you who have been to one of the shows can vouch how amazing the whole night is, but for those who haven't yet, or are still on the fence wondering if it's worth the price of admission, we think this will change your mind...

(We have no shame. Amen.)

Yours truly has enjoyed her two week stint on the tour, but I'm stoked to finally be headed home to So Cal this afternoon. I'm already missing my new-found tour family, but I can't wait to hear about all the adventure that await the rest of the team as fellow tour bloggers/NRTeam members/do-it-all extraordinaires Kevin, Marcus and Michelle head out these next three weeks to bring you dispatches from the road. Give 'em heck, guys! (Err, heaven. Err, Jesus. Err, nevermind.)

Signing off from the airport in Omaha! (Insert Peyton Manning reference HERE.)


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

San NRTonio!
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(The stars at night are big and bright...)

Week two of The Roadshow proved to be some of the busiest days all of us on the tour had seen yet. Between rangeling massive crowds and rolling with a few unexpected punches (good ones, but unexpected ones), all of us were thrilled when we pulled into warm and sunny San Antonio, Texas for a few welcomed days off—right in the heart of the city!



Monday started with the crew buses pulling into our hotel for the three day break. After unpacking and taking a glorious hot shower (in an actual shower... with actual hot water... for an actual 90 minutes), yours truly set off to see the city! Well, the Starbucks in the city. After all, I DID still have some work to catch up on. But I did see Skillet crossing the street, and that counts for something, right? Hashtag automatic cool points.



(Because priorities.)

Nothing too exciting, our Monday mostly consisted of catching up on lost sleep and work. Although, site founder Kevin McNeese did manage to wander into a bad part of town and get picked up by a cab so he could make it back alive. This happens more frequently than he'd like to admit. Moving on...

Leave it to us to make Tuesday's exciting. Not only did we take the opportunity to finally see the city, we did it with the edition of our editor-in-chief, Marcus Hathcock! Marcus was only scheduled to be out with the tour for three weeks, but a last minute flood of tour slash NRT duties suddenly rose to the top of the pile, and we simply needed a third pair of hands to make everything happen this week. (Either, that, or I suck REALLY bad as an assistant. I like the first option better. Let's go with that one.)



(How else do you welcome a co-worker to Texas?)

The three of us spent the day as tourists checking out the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, the ever-famous Alamo, and a mega-attraction known as Tower of the Americas (which is just Texas' version of the Seattle Spaceneedle. But it had $5 dollar nachos and a killer view. So we're not complaining.)



(Because who DOESN'T run into a giant, talking ladybug in front of a historic monument?)



(Kevin clearly enjoyed The Alamo tour, as you can see by this graphic...)



(The Spacenee—uhh—Tower of the Americas!)

The guys hurried off to play some Xbox on the tour bus late into the night, while I headed off to catch some ZZZ's (and an episode of Brain Games.)

Of course, a day of work always follows a day of play with the three of us splintering off to catch up on last minute NRT fun before heading out again bright and early tomorrow morning to play our first show this week in, where else, San Antonio! But not before Marcus and I had a little fun at lunch. You'd think Kevin would have learned by now no to trust us with his phone...



(Surely we're going to hell for this. We really do love him. Promise.)

One last treat awaits Team Roadshow this evening, as more than half of the crew heads out to a Spurs game tonight! Apparently the seats are incredible. I, on the other hand, have no clue what a Spur is. I just hope they get a few touchdowns. Wait, what?

Rejuvinated and ready to rock, we're stoked to be headed out this weekend to play in Dallas, Wichita, and Omaha! From the looks of social media, we're going to be connecting with several of you guys, and we can't wait for y'all to stop by the booth and say hello! Always a treat to meet NRT fans and get to chat about the music that both moves, encourages, and connects us. :) We'll see you then!

For the rest of you, be sure to keep up with all of our adventures over on Facebook, as well our Twitter (@newreleasetue) and Instagram feed (@newreleasetuesday) ...who knows what will happen next?!

Welp, this is Sarah signing off! Till next time, please enjoy this random photo of a peacock that lives outside our hotel.




Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Wide Open Road(show)
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(Pretty shiny awards. *Drools*)

It's been a crazy busy last several day for the NRTeam as we rolled out on week two of The Roadshow tour in the sunny and beautiful west coast!

The week started out bright and early on Thursday morning when yours truly and site founder, Kevin McNeese packed up from our So Cal and Boise homes and headed out to San Jose, California for the next stop on the tour (and by bright and early, I mean it was actually 3:00 am and there was no sun. 'Cause that no sleep thing is how we roll.)

I've gotta say, I have been ridiculously privileged to travel for NRT these last few years and bring you coverage from the road for artists such as Family Force 5, Newsboys, and a lot more, but no tour I've been out on thus far has been quite as big as The Roadshow is, and it's certainly no small undertaking! Hopping off the airplane, Kevin and I arrived at the venue and immediately began working on setting up the NRTable, We Love Awards photo booth, and diving headfirst into organizing bunch of unique VIP experiences (which you can read more about HERE!)



(This totally cliché bathroom selfie pretty much displays my excitement about joining The Roadshow for the next two weekends.)

I learned right away that while a tour of this size is a complete blast, it's also twice the amount of hard work. Let's just say my New Years resolution of drinking less coffee isn't off to the best start. Or any start. Moving on.



(Work hard. Play hard. The NRT motto. But not really.)

After a crazy busy first night (err, fifth night) of the tour, we pulled into my hometown of Anaheim, CA and greeted the biggest crowd of the tour yet!


(This amazing shot Kevin snapped of Andy Mineo winning over the Anaheim crowd!)

Between our usual and plenteous daily duties, hanging with local family and friends, and generally running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we managed to make a few more dream come true by pulling some diehard Skillet fans from the bleachers and taking them backstage to enjoy the show, in what we like to call: nosebleed ambush. Check out how it went down in the video below...


So here we are tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. 3 out of 4 shows this weekend under our belts, and taking a few minutes to hang out backstage in catering to rest our aching feet and catch up with you amazing people (oh fine, so there might be pie involved too.)

We had the honor of presenting the WE LOVE Award for Best Indie Artist tonight to none other than Phoenix native JJ Heller and her husband Dave. It was a BLAST having her with us, and such a fun treat for the audience to have a live face to go with the name.


(Check out JJ's accepting the WE LOVE Award! Video coming to an NRT YouTube page near you very soon!)

We have one last show tomorrow night in New Mexico before a few coveted days off in San Antonio, and while almost all of us are SO ready for a short break, we can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for everyone on the tour!

Welp, we're off to finish off our night in Arizona with a bang before we head back to our bunks to get some much needed sleep tonight (bwahahahaha... “sleep.”)

Talk to you all again soon!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Roadshow - Week 2
Life | 363 views

Hey Everyone!

Kevin here. This morning, I said goodbye to my family for eleven days as I embark on a two week run with The Roadshow. It's a long time to be away from my wife and two young children (7 and 5) but I know God has big plans for this upcoming time on the road and will be with them while I'm away. 

Marcus signed off last week and will be back for Week 4 of The Roadshow, so joining me for Weeks 2 and 3 is our own lead contributor, Sarah Fine. We met at the airport this morning and have everything set up for tonight's show in San Jose, CA. Tomorrow we head to Anaheim, CA and this weekend we'll be at Phoenix, AZ and Las Cruces, NM before spending 3 days off in San Antonio, TX. Lots of miles will be traveled. Lots of people will be met. And, Lord willing, lots of lives will be encouraged and changed as cities encounter the messages and music of The Roadshow.

But what about those cities where The Roadshow isn't taking place? Marcus has some great reflection on the importance of what we're all doing on the road, and what it means for those that aren't able to attend. Read the blog here. I found it to be a great reminder that while the world is revolving extreamly fast here at the arena, it's simply a small speck of His story that's being written around the world. In fact, on the other side of the states, NRT staffers Kevin Davis and JJ Francesco will be covering WInter Jam in PA. It really put things quickly into perspective and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tonight, we start work on a Top 10 Moments of The Roadshow that we hope to have together by the end of the week. As we find our rhythem and prepare for the night faster during the day, Sarah and I plan on putting together some cool content and conencting with more artists. We'll be bringing you lots of photos, video and thoughts so keep it tuned in here as well as on our Instagram account for more from The Roadshow Week 2! If you make it out to a show, make sure to stop by our booth and say hi.

We'll talk soon!


Sarah Fine captures some shots from The Roadshow, San Jose, CA

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