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The River
by Beverly Lewis
Added 01/31/15 by Dawno
There You'll Find Me
by Jenny B. Jones
Added 05/24/14 by Dawno
Traces of Mercy
by Michael Landon, Jr.
Added 05/24/14 by Dawno
by Nick Vujicic
Added 01/20/14 by BlackLeopard
The Captive Maiden
by Melanie Dickerson
Added 12/30/13 by BlackLeopard
The New Answers, Book
by Ken Ham
Added 12/13/13 by BlackLeopard
Wherever I Wind Up
by R.A. Dickey
Added 08/11/12 by TCMRB
The 13th Tribe
by Robert Liparulo
Added 04/01/12 by ChristianManifesto
The Last Plea Bargain
by Randy Singer
Added 02/20/12 by ChristianManifesto
Texas Roads
by Cathy Bryant
Added 12/28/10 by BlackLeopard
How Sweet It Is
by Alice J. Wisler
Added 12/05/10 by BlackLeopard
The Carousel Painter
by Judith Miller
Added 12/04/10 by BlackLeopard
The Shadowed Mind
by Julie Cave
Added 12/02/10 by BlackLeopard
Deadly Disclosures
by Julie Cave
Added 06/11/10 by BlackLeopard
Forget Me Not
by Vicki Hinze
Added 05/31/10 by BlackLeopard
Honor's Reward
by John Bevere
Added 05/23/10 by jaysmusikblog
by Ted Dekker
Added 05/06/10 by BlackLeopard
by Ted Dekker
Added 04/15/10 by BlackLeopard
by Ted Dekker
Added 04/02/10 by BlackLeopard
by Jane Austen
Added 03/20/10 by BlackLeopard
The Reluctant Cowgirl
by Christine Lynxwiler
Added 03/08/10 by BlackLeopard
They Called Her Mrs. D
by Janette Oke
Added 02/12/10 by BlackLeopard
The Blue Enchantress
by M. L. Tyndall
Added 02/06/10 by BlackLeopard
The Red Siren
by M. L. Tyndall
Added 01/20/10 by BlackLeopard
Rain Song
by Alice J. Wisler
Added 01/10/10 by BlackLeopard
Shades Of Blue
by Karen Kingsbury
Added 12/28/09 by BlackLeopard
The Bluebird and the S
by Janette Oke
Added 11/30/09 by BlackLeopard
Regency Brides
by Kimberley Comeaux
Added 10/26/09 by BlackLeopard
by Robert Liparulo
Added 10/14/09 by ChristianManifesto
The Screwtape Letters
by C. S. Lewis
Added 06/27/09 by BlackLeopard
The Door in the Dragon
by Frank Peretti
Added 05/17/09 by BlackLeopard
by James Byron Huggins
Added 04/28/09 by BlackLeopard
The Visitation
by Frank Peretti
Added 04/14/09 by BlackLeopard
Heart of the Wildernes
by Janette Oke
Added 03/25/09 by BlackLeopard
The Shack
by William Paul Young
Added 03/16/09 by BlackLeopard
A Bride for Donnigan
by Janette Oke
Added 03/10/09 by BlackLeopard
by Mike Dellosso
Added 03/03/09 by TheSuspenseZone
The Hobbit:
by J. R. R. Tolkien
Added 02/27/09 by BlackLeopard
Emily's Quest
by L. M. Montgomery
Added 02/18/09 by BlackLeopard
The Sunroom
by Beverly Lewis
Added 02/18/09 by BlackLeopard

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