Audio Adrenaline Says 'Adios' to Walker, Nazarian
Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013 Return To News Archive

Keyboardist/vocalist Jason Walker (left) and guitarist Dave Nazarian are leaving Audio A to pursue other musical projects.

It looks as if two members of the newly reformed Audio Adrenaline are already saying “adios.” NRT has learned that guitarist Dave Ghazarian and keyboardist/ secondary vocalist Jason Walker have quietly and by all reports amicably parted ways with the group to pursue other interests.

The details are slim, but according to band management (as well as singer Kevin Max), Walker is pursuing his solo career as a singer/songwriter, and Nazarian also has other musical endeavors. In recent discussions with NRT, both Walker and Nazarian talked about various side projects with which they are involved.

The announcement comes a year or so after the new incarnation of Audio Adrenaline appeared, boasting a supergroup of who’s who from Christian bands, including representation from the original Audio A, dcTalk, Bleach, Superchick and Know Hope Collective.

The band moves forward with a new lineup, which includes guitarist Dwayne Larring, one of the producers on the Kings & Queens album who previously played in the Christian bands Seven Day Jesus and Sonicflood, as well as for Kelly Clarkson. Audio Adrenaline moves on as they go into the fall Kings & Queens tour, which starts Oct. 3 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the band's current single, "Believer" (which prominently features Walker's vocals), is impacting Christian Hit Radio.

—Marcus Hathcock & Sarah Fine



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