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"New York" Lyrics [edit]
by The Kry | from the album New York

New York
My heart's been breaking for you
Since the day
Your towers all came tumbling down
And now the wind
Is blowing cold like in the winter
But I want you to know
You're not alone

New York
My soul is praying for your sons
And your daughters
Aching for the ones they love
And now the nights
They're getting darker and it seems
That hope is gone
But hope is not gone

So lift up your eyes to the heavens
Cause that's where your help comes from
Open your heart to the maker
He wants to make your heart His home

And when He makes His home in you
He'll chase away the fears you knew
He knows your name
He knows your pain
And with His hands He'll carry you
And after all is said and done
He'll shine much brighter than the sun
So lift your eyes up to the skies
For God has shed His grace on you

New York...New York
New York...New York

New York
The world is grieving with you
And on that day
Its like we became one of you
And from afar
It was so painful just to see
So we confess, we're short of words...

My heart started to sink
And I started praying --
I said, "Lord -
I go before you
I pray for those who are hurting
For those who are crying
And those who are grieving
I do not understand what is going on
Lord bring healing to this nation
Bring healing to New York
To every individual
We pray and we claim this victory
In your holy name, Jesus."

New York
I know tomorrow may seem bleak
But God will show
That his tender mercies never cease
And through the years
He wants to lead you to believe
That He still cares

New York

New York
The world is grieving with you

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