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01 . Welcome to Daylight
02 . Wake Up
03 . Banner of Love
04 . Heal This Home
05 . The Only Thing That Matters
06 . Never Give Up
07 . Battle for Peace
08 . This Ends Tonight
09 . Love Is Loud
10 . Living In A Memory
11 . Holds Us All Together



"Heal This Home" Lyrics [edit]
by Luminate | from the album Welcome to Daylight

It’s the only thing she ever wanted all of her life / To fall in love and be a good wife / They said a vow and she took his name, fifteen years ago today / But now they’re living separate lives in the same old house / They used to be in love, but they’ve forgotten how / It’s been so long, the flame is gone / Their hearts are beating but they’re barely hanging on // When you feel like something’s missing / And your world is crashing down / When the house you’ve built is falling into pieces on the ground / When it feels like there’s no way to fix what’s wrong / Love is strong, and God can heal this home // They used to have dinner by candlelight / They used to hold hands and dance in the moonlight / And like a picture in a frame, they thought that it could stay that way / Yeah, they were living in a world of make believe / And they couldn’t see the cracks growing underneath / But God restores and opens doors to the love, to the life they’re looking for // Sometimes you gotta let go / That’s when love can grow / So let the tears fall down / Oh, in your weakness God is strong / He’s been there all along and He’s holding you right now

Written by Samuel Hancock, Cody Clark, and Christopher Stevens © 2012 Birdwing Music (ASCAP) / Meaux Mercy / Chriscendo Music (BMI) (Admin. at

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