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"God's Got An Army" Lyrics [edit]
by Carman | from the album Revival in the Land

God's got an army, not afraid to fight
Soldiers of the cross and children of the light
Warriors of righteousness with healing in their hands
God's got an army marchin' through the land
Let me hear a war cry, let me hear a war cry

We're a people with ears to hear and hearts to respond
To the spiritual needs of the nation
We're a showcase of what He'll do when we are strong
In Jesus to a whole generation

The world won't be the same tomorrow
Because we're here today
The kingdom of hell is gonna feel sorrow
Cause our war cry is worship and praise


The apostles and prophets are speakin' forth
The flames of revival they are burnin'
Like old Joshua we're marchin' out to possess
And there's no way our minds will be turnin'

There's joy in the battle so we commence
To change this nation's course
The kingdom of God suffereth violence
And the violent take it by force


I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord (4x)

We're not afraid to stand and fight
We cast out demons left and right
We're strong in battle, strong in prayer
We tell Satan, "Get outta here!"
Sound off: Jesus!
Sound off: is Lord!
Sound off: Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord!

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