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The Good Life by Trip Lee | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"One Sixteen Ft. Andy Mineo and KB" Lyrics [edit]
by Trip Lee | from the album The Good Life

(Trip Lee)
Look, all I need is one sixteen
To brag on my king
Romans 1:16
We brag about him daily Ďcause he runs this thing
Can I do it?
Yes, sir
Can I do it?
Yes, sir

We rep the Lord truly
We heading straight ahead
Man, we ainít tryiní to hit no U-y
Man, they canít do nothing to me
We donít do it like some other dudes do it
We young boys, but we sound mature
Call me Stewie
But this ainít no baby talk
Say we make them looney tunes
ĎCause they call this crazy talk
Makes them say they may be off
We was blind but we now can see
Itís the Navy talk
My goalís to rest in him
But this ainít no lazy walk
My daddy ainít make me so
But he gave me peace, though
Threw my chains up off of me
I call that my free throw
ĎCrae told me to go in
They got your boy on beast mode
I ainít got no white collar
He made me a priest though
Pray I never fall away
Chasing after pocket change
Used to put my stock in riches
I got the stock exchange
I was just a robot
But now I do not walk the same
Prolly Ďcuz he put me on blast
Like a rocket, man

Uh, all I need is one sixteen
To brag on my King
Romans 1:16
We brag about him daily Ďcause he run this thing
Can I do it?
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!

Letís go!
Here we go again
One to the one six, going in
Spit one for the one six, only him
And one to the one cliques notice him
Letís go
Here we go again
For this process in front of me
Got my two eyes after that W like Nintendo Wii
My penalty
Jesus, my remedy
Relentlessly shepherding lost sheep
Call him Bo Peep
Hold up!
Give me the mic
Better believe Imma go hard
Scaring everybody with that lyrical miracle
Biblical theology without an apology
Whenever I get upon that microphone I gotta represent
We ainít scared oí ya
What they gonna do?
What, murder us?
What murder does is send a surge of us to go put churches up
True, ainít no hurtiní us
Im on that just to martyr
When the church go in LA couldnít dodge Ďem
Satan try to charge Ďem
Media try to bomb Ďem
Under attack, but we got value pearls couldnít harbor
Hold up
Give me the mic, bro
Glad to record the immaculate sort than a man couldnít thwart
Elevating the father with a passionate voice
Give me a sixteen
Imma brag on my Lord

(Andy Mineo)
All I need is one sixteen
To brag on my Lord
Romans 1:16
We talk about him daily Ďcause he run this thing
Can I do it?

All I need is one sixteen
To brag on my Lord
Brag on my King
Matter of fact, give me a couple of more
And Iíll do the same thing
Do the same thing
Do the same thing
Even on my best day I couldnít go by
Without the grace of the Lord that was gave for I
For the sin that I committed should have paid that price
But I didnít Ďcause the father went and gave the Christ
What love is this to send his own?
To die for sin and take us home?
Got me feeliní good
Forget my feelings
When you heard a story Ďbout the hero dying for the villain
Kill Ďem with the fast flow
Then I go slow
This one here is urgent
When it comes to God everybodyís got a version
Some are wearing turbans
Others getting virgins
With all of these options, we know heís for certain
ĎCause ainít no other God like mine
You gots to admit it
Yeah, Iím falliní Ďcuz Iím sinning
Yet his grace is sufficient
Beat the grave
Said itís finished
Got them unsearchable riches and they deep
Thatís why Iím like
Can you dig it?

Let's go
Iím unashamed

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