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"I Hope" Lyrics [edit]
by Rhema Soul | from the album Fingerprints

Juanlove verse:

Heís more tough like handcuffs and three finger rings
Gets deeper than words and spine tinglings
Still Iím mingling, the questions abound
But Iíll speak on my progression and speak on it loud
What Iíve found I continue to find
See the wisdom of the father is belittling mine
Iím no Siah, not a know it all chump and no pariah
Still I feel his voice so calm like a violin
When I put pen to pad
When I wrestle with the scriptures and unpack the facts
I de-mask, Iím a gown man living
A grown man living in a grown mans prison
But the old man isnít, about to rise up
Thatís about as farfetched as a snow man living
I wised up. And the questions remain
But I found mad peace and Iím blessed just the same

K-Nuff verse:

So often I think, I take a look at my surroundings
I'm so astounded I look at the moon and I howl like a wolf on the prowl thatís looking up at the heavens, canít help think of how he made it in seven
It feels like I'm on an island
Because in the wilderness I feel alive, if he could feed the birds I'm sure he'll provide me with Clementineís
You see my every need is giving through the pain of Jesus
He painted the sky's ceiling better than Leonardo D did
Creatively heís a genius, he flows in my veins like intravenous
So yeah, I be this
Image made in the liking of him I feel like a Viking
I'm in a war and my Titan is sin
Crashed in
Many days past while my waves were smashing
I almost capsized trying to be my own captain
Now I live a life of abandonment
And everything that I imagined is.

Butta P verse:

I got so many questions without answers
Itís like a black hole swallowed me whole itís like a cancer
How can I advance ya?
Make you understand the man who made David the Sheppard turn into a dancer
No I canít explain it
The way my brain is making me feel like this walk should be painless
And time after time I forget to recognize
Who I am and who I was are both fighting to stay alive
To flesh I must die, confess, at least I try
I walked in your shoes and no we ainít the same size
But in him weíre both alive, him meaning Christ
But Iím just keeping it honest when I say I question life
Meaning or my purpose Iím called to know Iím worth it
Hurting and want to see more beyond the churches
The streets, the final curtain
Bow to his service; in his eyes Iím a prize so I give him all my worship

+ Entry lasted edited by praiseNworshipluva on 02.20.12


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