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"Why Worry?" Lyrics [edit]
by NewSong | from the album One True God

One little circumstance
Suddenly Iím in a trance
And Iím thinking Ďbout
Everything thatís going wrong
On the surface all is well
As far as anyone can tell
But inside I know
Iím barely hanging on
Oh, but I am not alone

Cause God is my Father
And He really loves me
And Heís right here waiting
Whenever I call
And thereís nothing Iíll remember
That He has forgotten
So, why should I worry?
Why should I worry at all?

Some days I do just fine
Some days I lose my mind
But through it all
I know Iím in His hands
Sometimes this life can be
Just one big mystery
But Iím learnin' I donít have to understand
So Iíll just keep walking tall


I pray for wisdom for today
And strength to face tomorrow
I walk with hope along the way
Cause Heíll never let me go
Heíll never let me go


Why should I worry?
Why should I worry?
Why should I worry, at all?

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