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We Will Stand (Yesterday and Today) by Russ Taff | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Praise The Lord" Lyrics [edit]
by Russ Taff | from the album We Will Stand (Yesterday and Today)

When you're up against a struggle
That shatters all your dreams
And your hope's been cruelly crushed
By Satan's manifested scheme
And you feel the urge within you
To submit to earthly fears
Don't let the faith your standing in
Seem to disappear

Praise the L-ord
He can work through those who praise Him
Praise the L-ord (praise the Lord)
For our God inhabits praise
Praise the L-ord
For the chains that seem to bind you
Serve only to remind you
That they drop powerless behind you
When you pr-aise Him

Now Satan is a liar
And he wants to make us think
That we are paupers
When he knows himself
We're children of the King
So lift up the mighty shield of faith
For the battle must be won
We know that Jesus Christ is risen
So the works already done

Pr-aise Him
Pr-aise Him
When you pr-aise Him
When you pr-aise Him
When you pr-aise
The L-ord

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