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"Surrender (feat. V.Rose)" Lyrics [edit]
by FLAME | from the album Captured

Chorus: I'm never gonna run away, away from You
I open up my heart to You/ I'm Yours
I'm pulling out my flag/ and I, I surrender
anchor of my ship/ You can hold me down
I'm never going to run/ No/ I'm never going to run.

Verse 1: I'm never going to run/ I am truly convinced
that Your ways are better/ I'm not on the fence/
who distributes joy/ who sets the soul free/
who can forgive sin/ Jesus, who died for me/
yes its true that I've been captured by Your love/I've
been captured by Your grace/ I've been covered by Your blood/
I was lost but now I'm found/ yes its true You hold me/
Jesus here's my white flag/I surrender right now


Verse 2: How can I run away/or go take a hiatus/
when the decedent of David has proven He is the greatest/
you see He mediates/He is the mediator/
Now I am so free/what a sweet savior

Verse 3: I found a real love/and He is my ransom/
not going to escape/I'm going to stay/
I'm captured yeah/ but I'm so free/
and I finally know that I'm where I'm suppose to be/
so I raise my hands/I get on my knees/
because there is nothing like the day the Spirit captured me/
and there is no one greater/I surrender I don't need another Savior/
I'm never going to run

Bridge: My ship was a wreck/I couldn't pay the debt/
and I lost all my treasure/so I hit the deck/
when I saw Your banner I knew I'd never run and
I'm staying forever/I'm never going to run/No


Jesus here's my white flag/I surrender right now

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