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"When Love Whispers Your Name" Lyrics [edit]
by Pocket Full Of Rocks | from the album More Than Noise

So this was never how she planned her life to be
To find she'll be a mother at the age of seventeen
And in a wave of fear, and a flood of tears
Her hopes and dreams all slip away

Sitting on a park bench, the tears roll down her face
Crushed beneath the weight of the choice she has to make
When she hears a voice break through the noise
Speak the words she longs to hear

When love whispers your name
In spite of your choices and all your mistakes
It'll reach into the darkness
It'll shout right where you are
When love whispers your name

Another girl, another town, and yet so much the same
She races up the stairs, slams the door to block the pain
But she can't escape or run away
She's a broken beauty on the floor

And on her arms she bears the scars of her attempts for peace
Every tragic moment is another day she bleeds
But today she finds some peace of mind
And her heart will know she's not alone


Love is reaching
Love can see
Love will rescue those in need
Those broken and in need


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