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Rehab by Lecrae  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Check In" Lyrics [edit]
by Lecrae | from the album Rehab

Check me in/
Ch-ch-ch Ch-ch-ch Ch-Check me in now/

Eh Check me in
i know i'm sick of my addiction
Got me itchin'
everyday i need a fixin
I ain't quitin till it kill me, ya hear me
I like the feel but
the taste of the product
like the numb on your tongue when you taste narcotics
The bass get the bumpin
you can feel what i'm drummin
Death is comin
I'm tryin to warn em
That why i was summon
I'm knowin they dont want it
They want what they can't have
Ephoria come and going is something you can't grasp
Still we graspin for he emptiness
Hopin we could catch something
Hands full of scars, cuts, burns, andd some flesh wounds
Verge of insanity, Stop me 'for i'm gone
Yeah i say i'm gonna quit but i'm back at it in the mornin'
It goes on an on an on
Now i'm used to it
This a lifestyle now
and i don't know what else to do
got a war inside my soul and it's wantin to break through
I'm ready for Rehab
just do what you gon' do

Rehab (3x)
Ready for Rehab

Ch-ch-ch-Check me in
Ready for Rehab

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