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"Hurt No More" Lyrics [edit]
by Brian Reith | from the album Urgent Message

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a teen
who would rather be dead than alive,
and it seems that her only means of escaping this life
is to dream about a day when momma
wouldn't be an addict and daddy would have stayed.
Then, maybe they'd pay just a little more attention
to their baby daughter who's filled with so much aggression
and so many questions like, what is the purpose of living
when nobody even notices her existence
and her intuition tells her just to give up.
No matter how hard she tries it's just not good enough
her life means nothing and three times she tried to lose it
the scars on her wrist are proof that she tried to do it.
A young strong beautiful queen but when she looks in the mirror
the reflection is blurred her perception is unclear.
She lacks the confidence her self worth's less then a half a cent
her mother told her her conception was an accident.
Now who's to blame cause her parent's parent's did the same
broken homes hereditary till somebody breaks the chain
ain't it messed up how you need a licence to drive
but you don't even need a permit to raise up a child.
Her mother told her don't speak 'less your spoken to
but nobody speaks to her whos she s'posed to speak to?
Other students at her school pass jokes and laugh
because she can't afford to purchase the clothes that they have.
She can't take it no more, face down on the floor
heart's broken into pieces and it's achin' in her soul
she cant look for help cause there's nobody there.
There's no one to turn to no one who cares but child lift your head
'cause there's Someone who has felt every single pain
and can heal your wounds I know Somebody who is all you need
and this is what He said to me, listen closely

You don't have to hurt no more cause I'll carry your pain (ca-a-rry your pain)
You don't hate yourself 'cause I'll carry your blame (ca-a-rry your blame)
You don't have to search no more 'cause I'm all that you need
You don't have to feel alone 'cause I'm always right here

Shorty's all grown now, got a child of her own now
baby's one year old and she's gotta be strong now
strong for the both cause she's all alone now
her man left her in the cold long ago now
she made a promise that she wouldn't leave her baby so needy
like her mother did to her but trust it's not easy
she's losing her patience, it's so frustrating
when day after day she can't make payments
it's not fair, eight dollars an hour is all that they'll pay her
when most of that goes to putting her baby through daycare
the welfare is helpin' but it's just not enough
to move her baby out the hood where the streets are so rough
she's got two mouths to feed two bodies to take care of
lettin' her baby down is what she's most scared of
she thought it couldn't get worse but that very day
human services threatenin' to take her baby away
she's cryin' on the floor in a room with no furniture
baby crawls up and wants mommy to nurture her
she's sorry that she couldn't do the things she promised
so sorry that she couldn't be the world's greatest momma
but she wasn't even given a chance it's not fair
she's angry at God shakes her fist in the air
but child, understand this wasn't His plan
the pain that you feel's a result of fallen man
the emptiness inside is a yearning to pray
we can't make it on our own He didn't build us that way
He won't leave you nor forsake you like the rest of this world
cause He's the Father to the fatherless and you're is baby girl
you're worth so much to Him, He gave His life for you
He took nails in His hands and He died for you
by His wounds you've been healed, He can set you free
and this is what He said to me, listen closely

You don't have to hurt no more cause I'll carry your pain (ca-a-rry your pain)
you don't hate yourself 'cause I'll carry your blame (ca-a-rry your blame)
you don't have to search no more cause I'm all that you need
you don't have to feel alone cause I'm always right here

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