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"Be Happy" Lyrics [edit]
by Mary Mary | from the album Thankful

My heart has found a new beat
Ever since you came into my life
No I don't lose no sleep
Cause I know he's walking by my side
And if you're looking for me
Safe in his arms is where you'll find me
Cause I've gotta be
Gotta be happy
Wanna be happy

I was searching for a long time
For the right on to give my heart to
Then suddenly I looked to the sky
And I realized that it should be you
Cause sometimes I stray away
And I make mistakes
But you still love me
So now and forever
Your arms is where I wanna be

Tell me how would you describe happiness
Right now you're all good
Later you're a mess
Maybe you should start making some changes
Ever consider reaching towards heaven
Your burden will get lighter and you'll have no desire
To turn away 'cause I can say
That his love won't ever change

Never ever had a treasure
Just to call my own
Until you came along
No matter what happens
You're mine forever
You've captured my soul
And I won't let go

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