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The Ultimate Death Sentence by Eternal Mystery  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Standing Firm" Lyrics [edit]
by Eternal Mystery | from the album The Ultimate Death Sentence

This is where your faith will be tested again
Hold your ground lest you lose the ground that you´ve gained
Your enemy, the flesh, and the Devil
Watch intently, so pass this test
To reach the next level of spiritual experience
If you want His blessings for your life, stand firm
Trust the Rock, stand firm

Place your undying trust
In the Son of God
Put your faith in His word
And you shall fail not
The enemy is constantly watching
For your weaknesses and pressure points
Stand firm or he will go for the throat

Fight against Satan
Stand your guard
Put on the armor of God

And equip yourself with the Sword
Place your faith in the Lord
And fight
Sin will grab you
If you don’t kill it first

[Features Phil Diez from Encryptor on guest vocals.
Lyrics by Phil Diez and Broc Toney.]

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