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"And Shout From The Rooftop" Lyrics [edit]
by Willet | from the album Somewhere In Between

I walk down the street, coffee in one hand
The other a clenched fist
Did I hurt someone, did I steal?
I tried to do good but somehow, evil prevailed…

What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight
What I whisper in your ear
Shout it, shout it from the rooftop

I walk down the street, seeing the broken hearted
Passing the poor and the sick
I know this isn’t much; it’s all that I have
Here’s my open hand I need you, to come back

When poverty and wealth collide, it hits harder then a plane crash
And spreads love to the lonely and forgotten places
I found God today, He was right where He said He would be…

Here in the brokenness, here in the brokenness

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