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"Stolen By Mercy" Lyrics [edit]
by Ben Glover | from the album 26 Letters

Father of the sunlight
Father of a cold rainy day
Listener to a dark heart
Listen to my prayer today

See I quite deceitful
But I am quite forgiven anyway
And this puzzling/redemption
Leaves me in a wordless disarray

Oh and science thought they'd ruled you out
And reason had you reasoned out
There was nothing more that I could say
All the proof that I could give was the guilt you stole away

Burglar of my soul, defeat me
O robber of my poison heart
Break into this callaused core
Make me the victim of a thief
Who's stolen by mercy

Father of the heavens
Steeler of my yesterdays
Who was I before you?
A past without the Savior's grace

Oh, and justice should have ruled me out
A guilty verdict beyond reasonable doubt
There was no defense that I could make
All the proof that was against me, you stole and washed away


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