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"Room with A View" Lyrics [edit]
by Danny Oertli | from the album Where We Stand


Words and Music by Danny Oertli 3/92

Well here's a little story I'd like to tell
Bout' a man in the Bible that you know so well
His name is David and he was a king
A big strong man who could play and sing
He could yodel, he could fight, he could rule the world
He was loved by man and loved by girls
He seemed the epitome of all thats good
Except a little problem in his neighborhood

Well, late one night while he was outside
One of God's creatures done caught his eyes
She was beautiful and tan you know the sort
The kind of pretty woman that brings the ships to port
Well David had feelings of hormonal size
And he sent for the woman who had caught his eyes
And before you know it he was stuck in sin
Caught by the view of excessive skin

Well, before too long this love was lost
And David had learned that he'd paid the cost
The woman had child comin' on the way
And David knew her husband was gone away
So the next step in this elaborate plan
Was to bring him back so he could be her man
But David found out that in this life
You shouldn't ever sleep with another man's wife

So knowing he was desperate in the things he'd done
He pondered round the notion of buying a gun
But David forgot that in these years
The only lethal weapon was a 10' foot spear
So feeling kinda dirty and feelin' kinda sore
He ordered this man right into a war
Tryin' to run from sin and tryin' to hide
He ordered a righteous man to die

Well the morale of the story is plain to see
David is a man like you and me
His eyes got him started and his sin got him hooked
All because a woman and how she looked
Well there's one more thing I'd like to say
If your out lookin' at the stars in may
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground
There's too many roof-tops in this here town

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