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"Spinnin' Around (Whirlwind Mix)" Lyrics [edit]
by Jump5 | from the album Mix it Up: Remixed

(bless the remix) oh yeah, yeah (bless the remix) You keep me spinnin’ around (whoo) oh yeah, yeah, round, round, round, round, round, round, round, round

(uh, like this, Jump5 on live, people in the back row coming to the front row, spinnin on a lasso, things change, the world re-arranged, it seems strange but we ahead of the game, letting the name of the most high, don’t try to straighten me out, ‘cause you ain’t takin’ me out, I see you comin’ miles away before you strike, so high for my knee to strike, when they touch the waters, let me know if they’re too high, whirl like a whirlwind, find a new spot, keep your eyes on the sky, and the prize, spin around to the sound, Jump5 gonna try, that’s one)

I was thinkin’ ‘bout it yesterday I was thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow in a dizzy kinda sorta way, like vertigo (oh yeah, yeah) I’ve been tryin’ to hard to figure out, but it’s drivin’ me crazy (crazy) well, you’d think I’d know by now

A is last (oh yeah) Z is first
livin’ life in reverse ‘cause that’s the way it works

Spinnin’ around I’ve got this funny feelin’ turnin’ my whole world upside down I’ll keep my heart, my eyes on You ‘cause you keep me spinnin’ around (oh yeah, yeah) spinnin’ around

(Hey, Yo, it’s crazy, we’ve got to do it in the remix, ‘cause they wouldn’t do my rap on the air like this. Say make their hands clap, it’s a brand new diddy, spin round new jiddy, in the town and in the city, kids smooth on jitty, you know they gettin’ busy, like, oh, uh, uh. In a track so pretty like, oh, la, la. Now we take it down town while you’re spinnin’ around and let the base hit the ground, come on, gather around, put your hands in the air, and we get down like this) ooo (spinnin’ like a DJ when he’s in the mix. Screamin’ loud and proud, speaker startin’ to pump) ooo (and y’all spinnin’ around with Jump5…)

What we’re doing doesn’t have a sequel don’t wanna lose your balance oh, you know you gotta keep your equilibrium (oh yeah, yeah) goin’ back to go forward all these definite maybe’s (maybe’s) It’s like running around in circles

Make it last (oh yeahhhhhh) take it slow
Just forget what you “know” ‘cause that’s the way it goes

[Chours] x2

Go, Go, Go, Jump, Jump (ooo) Go, Go, Go, J5
spinnin’ around (oh yea, yea, ooo)
upside down (oh yea, yea)
spinnin’ around (oh yea, yea, ooo)
upside down (oh yea, yea)
J5 in the house (Hey, ooo)
jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump

Turnin’, turnin’ upside down – down ‘cause You’re spinnin’ spinnin’ spinnin’ me around – round

Go, Jump, Go, Jump, Go, Jump, Go, Jump, Spinnin’ Around, that’s the way it works. take it slow and not so fast (fast) Z is first and A is last (last)up and down and all around (Hey Hey) Turnin’ my whole world upside down

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