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"Glenn's Rap" Lyrics [edit]
by Rez (Resurrection Band) | from the album Live Bootleg

So Many People tonight, in this room, have not yet said Lord Show yourself to me. And show me to myself and help me top face up to the way things are, not the way I think things are, but the way they are. You know Jesus died on the Cross for your sins and mine and God raised him from the Dead. Not so that we could play some kind of religious game. Not so that we could pray some cheap prayer that were not willing to live out.
You can go to any Library and see that Jesus Christ lived. Thereís no question that heís real. But the question for so many of us tonight is are we real, are we real with him? A lot of you before tonight have said ďOh yeah Iíll follow you Jesus. Iím sorry for the way Iíve been living my life. Forgive me.Ē But youíre not living for Jesus Christ. Heís not first in your life.
And there are others here tonight who are off in the closet while the world burns! While people are going to Hell, while thereís all kinds of struggles and hurts. What about Racial prejudice? What about Bigotry? What about Rape and Child Abuse? What about people in the Gay scene? What about Dope and Sex and Rock-N-Roll? There are a lot of people in Hell tonight because of these things. Many of us have said words to God. Jesus said as you have done it unto the least of these, my Brethren youíve done it unto me. The way you treat the person you love the least is the way you love God the most. Man we canít say that weíre are followers of Jesus UNLESS we are FOLLOWERS of Jesus!
The very first sermon Jesus Christ ever preached he said Repent and believe. He didnít just say believe he said REPENT and Believe. And the Bible says in Romans that God has given every man the measure of faith. So we canít say that we donít have enough faith to believe that he is. Or that God raised him from the Grave; The Scripture says if youíll confess with your mouth Jesus Christ is what? Lord, Lord of my life. And if youíll believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead youíll be saved.
For with the heart Man believes. That means trust in, cling to, and rely on. With the heart man trusts in, clings to and relies on the Lord Jesus. And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Man God has offered every one of us a way out of Hell. Every one of us a way out of our own selfishness. Every one of us a way out of playing games and hypocrisy, and that way is His Son. Jesus tonight wants to come into your life if youíre not a Christian. He says I stand at the door of your heart and knock. If youíll simply open your heart, open the door let me come in. I will!
First John 5:13 says the we man KNOW that we have eternal life. Not Just Hope, guess, pray, wonder, that we may know it! Some of you donít know it because youíre not sure that you know God! Others of you have said yes, but you live no. One foot in the Lord and one foot in the world, youíre the Prodigalís son, the double minded man. And you need to ask forgiveness and shake yourself loose and ask forgiveness for your sins and pray. Not for some ceremony but for yourself! For the Lord. So that God CAN use you to minister to other people. Youíre not here out of a mistake. Youíre not in this without a purpose! God put you here for a purpose until you fulfill the purpose for which he created you; youíre never going to find peace and fulfillment inside. NOT EVEN AS A CHRISTIAN! Because you can say the words and not live the life and what good is it. Its empty! If you need to pray and get things right with the Lord Com on, Now, Pray with me now.

Dear Father I believe, by faith, that Your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross in my place to pay the price for every Sin in my life. I believe that he was dead and buried, and that you raised him from the grave on the third day. I ask you to come into my heart and into my life and change me. From this day on Lord God I promise to follow you, regardless of the cost. Remind me again, and again what it cost you, to purchase and to forgive me. In the name of Your Son My Lord and Risen Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Resurrection Band - BOOTLEG LIVE - © 1984

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