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"Turkish Delight" Lyrics [edit]
by 2nd Chapter Of Acts | from the album The Roar Of Love

She told me when I came her way
That it was my lucky day
And you know I believed her
White dress came flowing down
Gold wand twisting 'round
White faced lady, you're pretty

And I got into her sleigh
What a beautiful lady
There she served me some Turkish delight
I want to be with her
Oh how I miss her
She's the most beautiful lady

Ever since she took my name
I've never been the same
And I know she loves me
So just stop asking me
Asking me to change my plea
My eyes just prize the lady

Nothing you can say
Can make me change my mind
My mind

I feel like I'm wrong somehow
And yet can't break my vow
That I'll return surrendered
Somehow she's captured me
Grabbed me so I can't flee
From this bound down feeling

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