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"Paradise" Lyrics [edit]
by Sacred Warrior | from the album Rebellion / Master's Command

I look ahead to that heavenly dwelling
An angel showed me in a dream
And here's what he said...
"You won't believe what you will see"

Then he took me away
To a mountain so high
And showed me a city so fine
That's come down from heaven
It's pearly gates are shining bright

Oh.. can it be I must be in paradise
I really think so
Can it be I'm looking at paradise

For the kingdom of heaven shall dazzle the faithful
It's walls made of jasmines and gold
With sounds of sinning angels
Giving praise to His name

And we won't need the sun or the moon
To shine on us
The glory of God gives us light
And the Lamb is our lamp
No darkness will enter our lives


There will be no more crying-no death
And no mourning
The old things have now passed away
His glory's revealed
Freed from the bond of our sin

Then I woke up and jumped out of bed
Elated by all that I'd seen
In the dream that I had
I've never felt so great before


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