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Let The Road Pave Itself by Phillip LaRue | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Home" Lyrics [edit]
by Phillip LaRue | from the album Let The Road Pave Itself

Power lines go left and right
Sometimes I wonder if this city's just a maze
And I'm lost in it
Lately its green to red
And I just cant stop thinking bout
What you said

I dont wanna let you go
But you need to learn to fly
I just wanna let you know
You only have one life to try to find out
What it means to be alive
I hope you find your home

I keep hoping somethings up your sleeve
You gotta give me something
To birth some belief
Lately its hard for me to sleep
You know its funny
when I'm awake
I feel like I'm dreaming, dreaming

Dont you block out the sun
Dont you block out the sunshine


Dont waste a lifetime just to know
So please come home

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