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"I'm Only Human" Lyrics [edit]
by Altar Boys | from the album The Collection

Oh, look into my eyes
I'm no different from you
Pinch me and see, I will scream too
Scream with all my might
Scream until I'm heard
By this noisy world
(Inaudible sounds confirms the truth)

That I'm the same as you
Just the same as you
Nothing more, nothing less
Please let's not forget
I'm only human

I pound my fist through the door
Frustration is my war
Shattering my world, glue it together again
Next time I'll do it right
Hold my anger in never let them know how I feel
(Oh how I dread it when I can't express it)


Take away my car, take away my guitar
Take away my clothes, go ahead take it all
We came with nothing in this world
And we'll leave the same way too
So let's cry together, die together - oh

Oh, it hurts when loved ones die
You see I cry too
Tears mixed with anger and pain
Takes my strength away
I wither to the ground
Here on my knees
I beg God for peace
(All that I am confirms the truth)


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