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The Silence Between Us by Christopher Williams | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Breathe" Lyrics [edit]
by Christopher Williams | from the album The Silence Between Us

wrapped in the lonliness pretending to be strong / words comfort as much as a winter's day is long / alone on the edge as proof that everything i thought i knew / has suddenly fallen out of view...out of view...i heard a voice say / chorus / walk to the water rest on the shore / let my love spill into yours / walk to the water fall on your knees / quench your restless soul by the water and breathe / when silence is surrendered by crossing bridges burned / and your breath is cut shorter swimming tides that coldly turn / when doubts sink deep and then rise stirring the depths where passions lie / breaking the surface of your disguise...just look into your eyes / chorus / find that which gives you breath and grants you more to give / because life ends not in death but with what dies inside while we live / chorus

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