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"See You" Lyrics [edit]
by Shaun Groves | from the album One Night In Knoxville

I see America from airplane windows
Center front row
On top of the world
Looking out on this quilt of old scraps
These green squares laid flat
Like flags unfurled

They're stitched together by our
Fences and tree lines
Rivers that unwind
And spell Your Name
There's a trace of Your face in
All that You create

I can see You
Looking back at me
Trying to get through
To the heart of me
And I can see You
Running after me
Trying to break through
What's distracting me
And I can see You
I can see You

Looking up from my hotel window
There in the moon's glow
I find Your eyes
Watching over me through
Clouds of silver

Stretched like fingers
Over midnight skies
And I recognize You
Even in disguise


If I can get past
All of the deadlines
Demons of daily grind
Then I can, I can, I can see You

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