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by Ted Dekker | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: October 2006

The 2nd book in the Project Trilogy focuses on a man named Carl Strople who is part of an elite assassination orginization. As events and revelations start to be revealed to Carl a mysterious villain who is known only as Englishmen is trying to kill him for a reason that is not only surprising but shocking.

Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 1595540067
Publisher: WestBow Press

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Saint by Ted Dekker | Posted February 08, 2013

This was a very grippig book. To be honest, I could not put this book down.

It was a very good read. The story line takes you on a journey of betrayal in a world of government cover-ups, political inrigue, and one man's search for the truth. In the end, that  truth will be his undoing.

Which side will you choose?



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pacemaker (324)
Rated 5 Stars

great book | Posted April 02, 2011
 saint is a very interesting book. it's not on my favorites list, but it's still good.

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Hmmm... | Posted September 02, 2010
I'm going to be honest. I read this book as a stand alone and half way through I realized that it was second in a series. But that doesn't help it any.

I like Ted Dekker and his writings but this one was a total snooze. It bored me out of my mind. I had a hard time finishing it. True it had some action packed parts but the characters and the plot itself weren't as strong as they could have been. Carl as a character (let alone the main one) was annoying. He made people want to slap him half the time. The clingy relationship between him and Kelly was much like the Bella/Edward relationship except swapped.

I've already said it, but I'll say it again. Ted Dekker is a good author and can knock them out of the park... this just wasn't one of them.

But I still suggest reading it for yourself and drawing your own opinions.

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AWESOME BOOK!!! | Posted July 24, 2010
Ok so I didnt know this was the 2nd book in a series when I picked this book up,but when I started to read it I did know Ted Dekker was my new favorite author.I didn't feel lost at any point which is what Ted Dekker promises.I am comfortable with saying I'm hooked.

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And the circle continues... | Posted September 29, 2009
Okay, at the time I read Saint I had no idea that it was the second to anything. I actually read it before Showdown, which as Dekker promises, is okay. And it was. I didn't feel lost at any point, it was a standalone novel but, if this is somehow possible, it was made more complete by my reading Showdown. And then Sinner just blew my mind. Seriusly if you haven't checked out Ted Dekker then what are you waiting for? Dive in...the circle's waiting.

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Amazing! | Posted September 29, 2009
When I started reading Saint, I had no idea it was the sequel to Showdown!! And in my opinion, it was much better than Showdown too! So much more thrilling. It was extremely hard to put down! I also really loved Carl & Kelly's relationship. It was just super sweet. Dekker has done it again! :)

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Awesome Book | Posted January 19, 2009
This book was really hard to put down! The action was great and the plot surprises were unexpecting. Ted Dekker had me captivated the whole time. Definatately a buy.

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Book? My goodness I thought it was more than a book! | Posted May 28, 2008
Whoa...Oh man talk about a page turner! I bought Saint thinking it was going to be good and that it was not related to any other book I read by him. Boy was I wrong! From the words, "Johnny" and "Paradise" I knew I was trouble. I recognized names that I knew. I had no clue this was the 2nd book to that! I actually got lost in this book but I didn't want to put it down. It was so good and a gripper of a book. When I finished reading the book I knew I had to read a book that I never liked. Showdown. I didn't want to but I did and guess what? I LOVE Showdown! I didn't once get lost and now Saint makes sense! I have read Saint 4 times now and the book still amazes me. I love this book! Dekker is truly talented. And now I am wondering. Is there a 3rd book? If there is what is the title? PEOPLE READ THIS BOOK BUT READ SHOWDOWN FIRST OR ELSE YOU'LL GET LOST LIKE I DID!
5 stars and a thumbs up for Saint. A true, action, mystery book that is totally great!

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dirtlane (15)
Rated 5 Stars

Great Book | Posted April 09, 2008
Another of my favorites of Ted Dekker. Very well written, I especially liked how at first you did not know it was part of the Showdown series and then the story all comes to Paradise. Another really interesting aspect was how Saint developed his, lets call them, skills. This was another great book from Ted Dekker and it must definitely be read by all (I would say the same thing for all his other books too)

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Saint | Posted April 07, 2008
This book is a great book. It keeps you guessing at every turn. It will make you think one thing about the characters and then turn you on your head. It is cool how Ted Dekker has so many books that tie back to one another, sometimes in the smallest ways. This book is a good page turner.

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