Captivating,Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by Stasi Eldredge Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul
by Stasi Eldredge And John Eldredge | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: July 2007

Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the beauty of the story. Those desires are the secret to the feminine heart. Your longings and desires are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come now as the Hero of your story, to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman.

Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 0785289097
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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A Woman's Soul | Posted December 30, 2008
Captivating is such a wonderful book for women!!
It revealed things about myself and other women that I didn't know about before.

This book made it easier for me to come out of my shell and really talk to the other ladies in my Bible study. It shows you the heart of a woman and it talks about the woman's soul. I love how we are God's princesses and He is our Hero that saves us in our story.

I highly recommend this book to any woman and even a man who might want to learn more about the feminine heart.

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ARNgal (15)
Rated 5 Stars

best nonfiction book i have ever read | Posted June 02, 2011
this book was touching, relevant, moving, healing, eye-opening, inspiring, joy-giving... and SO much more.

it sounded like someone wrote it for me. it says everything i wish i could. God used this book incredibly! if you are a young teenager on up, this book is wonderful. it puts so much into perspective. 

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Reading This For Bible Study | Posted October 12, 2010
We are reading this book in my Bible Study group at Alice Lloyd College. By reading this book it is helping grow as a person and finding out my purpose as a woman. It is also helping me become closer with God. I encourage all woman who are struggling with what they are meant to do to read this book.

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joanna (30)
Rated 1.5 Stars

Some good advice but too much bad theology | Posted June 01, 2010

Captivating was hugely popular amoungst Christian teenage girls when I was in highschool. It was passed around a lot in my bible study group at the time. Seeing there was a revised and updated version I decided to go back and take a better look at it. I can see why it resonated so much with us back then. They address some of the struggles women do face. There is also lots of quoting from movies and a lot about being romanced.

The book had some good advice about things like dealing with past pain and finding your value in God. Unfortunately I think this book has some serious theological flaws. I agree that women and femininity have often been undervalued in the church and society. I agree that many women have been abused or neglected in all sorts of ways. Having said that, I don't think this book does a good job of dealing with the problem in a theologically sound manner. Many times I spotted misuse of scripture eg. Applying verses that in context talk about God's people in the old testament or to the whole church to individual women. Odd applications of Song of Solomon verses also made appearances.

The book also gives a skewed impression of the place of women and the place of God. Women are told to say "The whole vast world was incomplete without me. Creation reached its finishing touch in me" (pg.26). We are told that eve (and by implication women) was the crown of creation. While there is a sense that the world was not complete without women in the same way as it would be incomplete without men, this and multiple other places in the book give the incorrect impression that women occupy an exalted, almost divine position. God also comes across in the book as much less than he really is. Sometimes you get the impression from the book that God is a love sick suitor desperate for the attention of the glorious women. We are told that God is incomplete without us personally. (pg. 122). These ideas might make women feel special for a while, but teaching flawed ideas about God and themselves does their long term spiritual growth and emotional healing no favors.

I don't recommend this book. It has some occasional bits of good advice but is wrapped up in a problematic view of God, women and how to interpret the bible.

(referenced page numbers are from the new hardcover edition. They may not match older editions)

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teague (9)
Rated 4 Stars

Captivating Your Heart | Posted August 08, 2009
Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to stay that way. A little girl. See the scene in your mind: a little girl is running across a green field filled with cute little daisies. A crown of flowers is on her head and an innocently, shy smile spreads across her face. The sun shines contentedly across her face and she is present and beautifully at one with the setting the Creator has placed her in…

Idealistic, I realize, but I continue to think that just that will be the ‘life in abundance’ that is spoken about in John. Through the years of maturing, decisions are made for and against vulnerability as well as the extreme opposite, toughness. The result is a girl that depends on others too much in some aspects, and too little in others. ‘Captivating’ is one of the sources that has lead me on to become the little girl in the first paragraph again.

This is not a step-by-step guide, but it takes an ‘all-aspect’ approach to the subjects of femininity, what a woman is meant to be, relationships and most anything essential to a woman’s heart. It is an easy read filled with references to the most chic tales ever (Pride and Prejudice, The Last of the Mohicans, Fried Green Tomatoes etc.) which remains a superb favorite of mine in this book. Poets and writers are also quoted to introduce every chapter which creates an atmosphere of interest and a sense of ease to indulge into the topic.

Stasi and John take a Biblical perspective in all their opinions and prayer plays an essential role in the entire ‘process’. Some areas may be defined as sentimental, but I’d rather define the book as sweet and honest in a ‘girly’ way. I love the way Stasi combines her own experiences and those of others to create a ‘story-line’ affect that guides one through the main thoughts of the chapter.

I also enjoyed the way in which the book not only repeated already well-known concepts, but dug deeper into the holistic woman’s heart, mind and soul to expose any lies and replace it with the truth.

This is a book for all females: put on a pretty dress, lock open your heart and let God speak to you…You’ll be beautifully surprised at His love.

To end this review, I’d like to quote some Bethany Dillon:

‘You make me beautiful,
You make me stand in awe,
You look inside my heart
And I am amazed.

I want to hear You say
Who I am is quite enough
You make me worthy of love
And Beautiful…’

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eah92 (49)
Rated 5 Stars

Amazing. Truly wonderful. | Posted June 03, 2009
This book- extremely well thought out. The book is not some book just telling women that they are special. It looks deeper into what it means to be a female and how important we are. This book does so in a way that just makes sense. What the book says is very down to earth. In other words, the way the information is projected, it makes sense.

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Interesting | Posted December 08, 2008
I enjoyed reading this (which is rare for me to enjoy reading books and not magazines!)
I think that every female out there needs to check this book out. Very insightful as to how God looks at us women, both young and old.
There's a lot of truth that goes into this book, making it Captivating (and hard to put down)

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