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Women Connecting with Women Equipping Women for Friend-to-Friend Support and Mentoring by Verna Birkey
Women Connecting with Women Study Guide by Verna Birkey
You Are Very Special A Biblical Guide to Self-Worth by Verna Birkey

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Verna Birkey holds a master's degree from the Columbia Seminary and Graduate School of Bible and Missions in Columbia, South Carolina. She became director of Seminar Workshops and has been teaching Enriched Living Workshops since 1969. She has held workshops in over 300 cities in the United States and Canada for more than 300,000 women.

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IndyMa (1)
Verna's influence | Posted October 30, 2013
I attended one of the Enriched Living conferences MANY years ago, and even as recently as this morning, I shared that "God is the blessed controller of all things", a statement that has steadied me many times, and now as my 103 year old Mom is near her time to leave this life. Verna's influence continues!

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Teacher | Posted October 24, 2013
I attend her seminar after being married to my second husband for a short time. I attended on my birthday and it was such a gift. I lost the little blue book after moving constantly over the years. I have to say that God was truly present at that meeting of women. Only God could bring women-total strangers to confess their sins to each other. I thank God for her often. What is she currently doing? If able please send her this message. It happen in Sacramento, California in the 80" at Arcade Baptist Church on Marconi Avenue. Blessings to all. Louise J. Mishler

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Marriage Saver | Posted April 15, 2010
Miss Birkey's seminar left a permanent impression on my 19 year old soul when she explained the PURPOSE, POSSIBILITIES, & portents of good wifery. Each night, when I turn down the bed for my husband, or lay his towel over the shower door, I hear her sweet admonition to "prepare a place for your beloved husband, because Christ has prepared a place for us in heaven." Her seminars covered every conceivable marital issue and eventuality. Our sorry culture, 30 years hence, is aggrieved for not having her sound training to turn to anymore. (Why-oh-why did I throw away my little blue conference notebook?)

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