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The Best of Lori Wick...A Gathering of Hearts A Treasured Collection from Her Bestselling Novels by Lori Wick
Bamboo and Lace  by Lori Wick
Jessie (Big Sky Dreams #3)  by Lori Wick

Every Little Thing About You  by Lori Wick
Sabrina (Big Sky Dreams #2)  by Lori Wick
Cassidy (Big Sky Dreams #1)  by Lori Wick

The Princess  by Lori Wick
Where the Wild Rose Blooms  by Lori Wick
Pretense  by Lori Wick

A Place Called Home  by Lori Wick
Sophie's Heart  by Lori Wick
The Hawk and the Jewel  by Lori Wick

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    Lori Wick has written 18 novels of heart-warming romance set in a wide variety of time periods. She has written about Victorian England, the American West, and contemporary life. But, regardless of the setting, Wick consistently populates her books with tangible characters, meaningful relationships, and exciting plot movement. Her first novel was published in 1989 and this year she is publishing her eighteenth. That’s two books every year! But ask this prolific author how she views herself, and she’ll say very humbly, “I’m a small town girl with a high school diploma and a few semesters of Bible school under my belt.” She is quick to add, “However, my lack of training gives me a tremendous opportunity to glorify God. It’s because of Him that I write. I have learned that He can do amazing things with vessels that are willing to be filled.”

    * The Wick Family
    Lori balances her writing time with her family responsibilities. She is a wife and the mother of three, who range in age from eight to fourteen. Lori’s husband, Bob, is a tremendous source of support for her. In fact he was very influential in encouraging her to pursue a writing career. Now, a decade after she began writing, Lori has dedicated Pretense, her eighteenth novel, to her eighteen-year marriage to Bob. In the dedication she writes, “No one in my life has portrayed Christ to me more strongly than he has.” Lori started writing in 1988 because she had a story that she needed to get down on paper. Bob’s enthusiasm for her work pushed her to seek publication, and in 1989 Harvest House published her first novel, titled A Place Called Home. She has been writing consistently ever since. Three times, she has been a finalist for the Gold Medallion fiction award and her novels have collectively sold more than one and a half million copies!

    * Recent Books
    As usual, Lori is very busy writing. Recent works include Bamboo & Lace, her new projects, The English Garden series, and her delightful leap into children's fiction, Kirby the Disgruntled Tree. The English Garden series is comprised of 3 books, The Proposal, The Rescue, and The Visitor. A fourth installment, The Pursuit, featuring Edward Steele and Nicola Bettencourt.

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    Thank you | Posted July 03, 2017
    This book returned me to the happy life! I really thought I would never find my inner voice. I've read the review on this website - http://dissertationeditinghelp.net/ And I was shocked about that!

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    Thank you | Posted July 03, 2017
    This book returned me to the happy life! I really thought I would never find my inner voice. I've read the review on this website Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
    Thank you | Posted July 03, 2017
    This book returned me to the happy life! I really thought I would never find my inner voice. I've read the review on this website [url=http://dissertationeditinghelp.net/]DissertationEditingHelp[/url]. And I was shocked about that!

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    Shphie's Heart | Posted February 16, 2015
    Please take the time to read this review! this is the saving of my soul!!! Thank you so much! I am now so full of hope, and praise, to God for life. I have had many struggles in my life, more than most? I was given this book and thought "not one of these romances?" I read my bible daily with my young daughter that is in her last phase of life. Feeling hopeless, and full of wonder as to where and what to do as her parent? I was moved to read this while going trough many nights of caring for her even now to this day Feb 2015. Lori Wick, your book has opened my heart to the point of explosion, and tons of love!! I will mention some of the pages that truly moved me other than pointing out the whole book!! here they are the page that Sophie mentions her grandmothers favorite Phalms 149, wow amazing, also Phalms 139read it- wow. the final was page 407!!! It is sooooo wonderful that I will be reading it am my church this Sunday. My skin is full of goose flesh, and i am inspired!! My heart is hungry and thankful.!!

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    More Lori Wick books on Itunes please! | Posted August 20, 2013
    Lori Wick is an amazing author, her books not only entertain but they also preach a message. As a single working mother I don't have time to sit and read anymore and my ipod has become and essential for me. I have pretty much every book that Lori has on Itunes but need more as I listen to the ones I have over and over on a daily basis. Some suggestions would be the Kensington Chronicals, the Wildrose series, and last but surely not least the princess. I would gladly purchase any of these on Itunes!!!

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    Love your writing! | Posted May 13, 2013
    Keep up the good work and God bless you!! Linda from Texas!!

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    on "Pretense" | Posted November 15, 2011
    Lori, I loved the book! Have read it twice since September! Just have a question: Why the last part about Micki doing another book? Her telling of the story outline seems so unnecessary to the rest of the book. Although I love Epilogues, this one seemed lame compared to others you have written. It almost seemed just a way to get the name of the book brought to the forefront. I look forward to hearing from you and reading any of your books that I have not read--if there are any! If I can write half as well as you some day, I will feel blessed!

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    :) | Posted October 08, 2009
    I love Lori Wick's works. Her books are so inspirational and uplifting. That is not to say her characters are not without their trials. It's easy to envision the worlds she "creates" through her words. Obviously she has a God given talent and she's glorifying Him through her gift. I recommend that you try her out.

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