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    Everyday Sunday
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    You’ve heard the cliché before. Band makes strong freshman effort, creates a buzz, begins career with a bang. Then, said band fizzles after the initial surge of life flickers out, like a smoldering flame amidst a downpour. This is the story of most, as the vast majority of bands will die quick deaths, destined to be forgotten. Only the truly talented last in this game. Only the bands that truly matter grow better with age. And it is only the best of the best that gain momentum as they push further into their careers.

    After two solid early efforts, Everyday Sunday upped the ante with its third, and most successful, release to date: 2007’s Wake Up! Wake Up! With a heavier sound and an onslaught of high-profile touring slots, the band sold nearly 60,000 units worldwide. Now, it is finally time for the band, comprising Trey Pearson (lead vocals), Micah Kuiper (drums), and Nick Spencer (guitar), to unleash its full capabilities. Best Night of Our Lives, its fourth installation, is the pinnacle achievement of the band’s career to date.

    The band’s frontman, Trey Pearson, puts it perfectly when he states, “This new record is by far the best thing I have ever been a part of. This is the first time I have felt that the lineup is as strong as it can be. This is easily the most fun I have ever had doing this. It is very unified and we really have a great time playing together. We genuinely have continuity and have a collective vision for taking this thing further than it has ever gone.”

    It seems that the stars are now aligning for Everyday Sunday. Consider the lead single/title track/album opener Best Night of Our Lives. The band delivers instant gratification in seconds, as the driving verse swells into a hook that could easily become the soundtrack for every high school graduation party across the land. Pearson’s vocals take flight as he sings, Don't fall asleep. We don't want to miss a moment...Don't close your eyes. We could stay right here forever. ‘Cause tonight might be the best night of our lives. These are songs to celebrate existence, youth, and the most memorable of times.

    But is it possible to write anthems for the youth, yet still infuse the dreaded “m” word in your sound? Everyday Sunday will tell you that the word “maturity” has nothing to do with sacrificing energy. It is a delicate balance between energy and artistry, yet one that the band seems to flaunt with ease. There are plenty of memorable chorus melodies, but there are also heavy riffs and chops along the way will make you want to pound your steering wheel or stomp around the living room.

    “There will definitely be no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a rock record,” adds Pearson. “Wake Up! Wake Up! was a great transition record because I think it gave a hint at the new direction we were headed. This time we are more aggressive in a lot of ways, but not at the expense of the light-heartedness that makes us who we are.”

    The Everyday Sunday you have come to know and love writes party songs, celebratory lyrics, and carefree, youthful jams. And though they put their best foot forward in this sense on the latest release, the band also breaks new ground with lyrics that deal with more lasting ideas. On “Where I Ended,” Pearson speaks of divine intervention in the midst of human failure: I was starting to come undone. Then you came to me where I was. Lost and out there somewhere stranded. You began right where I ended. And on “Breathing For Me,” he speaks of regret with candor, highlighting the important of faith even when we feel trapped: The ship is sinking down. As the water surrounds me, I’m wondering just how I’ll make it out...I’m gonna let it all go ‘cause I know you’ll be everything I need. It’s finally easy to breathe when you’re breathing for me.

    “This time for me, and the band, right now is trying to be honest about life and my relationships. I figure if I am honest about how I feel then the music will connect with people as much as possible. But we still just like to give people a good time at shows. Many of the songs are about friendships and enjoying life in community, but throughout there are plenty of deeper, spiritual topics as well.”

    Everyday Sunday has established itself as a staple in the touring market, building a reputation for enigmatic live performances that captivate. And as predicted with the newest chapter of their journey, they have saved their best for the present chapter:

    “Live, we connect with one another. Everyone knows what everyone else is thinking. There is true chemistry. We aren't just performing; we are having fun together onstage. And I think the crowd feels that they want to be a part of that too.”

    With an arsenal of radio-friendly, multi-formatted songs (including the aforementioned “Best Night Of Our Lives” and “Where I Ended”), a profound touring history, a fervent fan base, and the type of momentum that many bands only dream of, Everyday Sunday seems to be in position to make the kind of impact that will long be remembered. But this band has always been about something more than just moving units or amassing accolades. Perhaps it is this grounded quality has kept them on the straight and narrow through their slow, but consistent uphill ascent:

    “I guess the message of what we want people to think when they listen through our whole record is that we go through the same things as everyone else. We are passionate, and excited and have fun. But we believe and trust in a God who created us, gave us life, and sent His son, Jesus, to save us. And there is absolutely no better way to live life and experience the amazing things in this life than to do it with God as a part of that life. He can give you amazing things and amazing people in your life.”

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    Beanie17 (201)
    I love Everyday Sunday | Posted May 24, 2012
    This is a very interesting band. Their sound is so interesting and they play so well.

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    ES | Posted August 01, 2011
    Everyday Sunday is an amazing band, with a unique sound! From Best Night of Our Lives, to Wake Up! Wake Up!, You can't compair them to any other band!

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    LauraCC (65)
    Awesome | Posted June 11, 2009
    Man, they've got a great sound.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
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