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  • "All the Saints (Holy Holy Holy)" from All the Saints
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  • "Come Alive (Dry Bones) – feat. Lauren Daigle" from Come Alive: Live From The CentricWorship Retreat
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  • "Consume Us – feat. Corey Voss" from Come Alive: Live From The CentricWorship Retreat
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  • "Greater Is He – feat. Jonathan Lee" from Come Alive: Live From The CentricWorship Retreat
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  • "Love Comes Down" from All the Saints
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  • "More And More – feat. BJ Putnam" from Come Alive: Live From The CentricWorship Retreat
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  • "Nothing But the Blood" from All the Saints
    Views 1860 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Overwhelm Me Lost In You" from All the Saints
    Views 1772 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "The Sound That Saved Us All" from All the Saints
    Views 1290 Views | Comments 0 Comments

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    Newsboys and Moriah Peters Hit the Road with Evangelist Nick Hall
    (Thursday, December 04, 2014)
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    Through CentricWorship, we want to continue providing engaging and encouraging songs that exalt the name of Jesus, with sound Biblical doctrine. When it all comes down to it, that's the goal. 

    CentricWorship is about moving hearts of all ages to express their deepest felt worship of the One who is worthy of it all.
    A little eclectic, a little Americana...the music showcases world-class musicianship from beginning to end, while remaining accessible to church musicians around the world. Doctrinally sound and theologically correct, these songs are for today's generation what "How Great Thou Art" and "Holy, Holy, Holy" have been for previous generations. 

    Foundational. Solid. Uncompromising. Shrouded in prayer that these songs will enable people to approach the altar and encounter their King, CentricWorship illuminates a path straight to the heart of Jesus. Songs centered on Him who is the center of it all...this is CentricWorship.

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    Love new Christmas music?! Here’s a FREE song from @jasongraymusic available at https://t.co/73t1q8EduW! Download t… https://t.co/IxADVHEdUp
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    For those who love listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, you’re going to love our current FREE song giv… https://t.co/V6DcrcQ6Ur
    Posted by @CentricWorship on 11.15.17 | View Tweet
    A new FREE song is up on https://t.co/73t1q8EduW! Grab the mp3 + chord chart of "Heaven Here Now" from our friends… https://t.co/B7WRVmPiJT
    Posted by @CentricWorship on 11.01.17 | View Tweet
    FREE SONG! // Download the mp3 + chart of "The Name" (feat. @caitiehurst) from @longhollowwave, only at… https://t.co/iCb2lGwQcr
    Posted by @CentricWorship on 10.20.17 | View Tweet
    Get the mp3 + chart of Amazing Grace FREE at https://t.co/73t1q8mC6m thanks to our friends @4kingandcountry… https://t.co/sX48z8Mww7
    Posted by @CentricWorship on 10.13.17 | View Tweet

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