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     Tiki McPherson Artist Profile
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    My name is Tiki McPherson and I am a Christian folk-rock singer/songwriter from Redondo Beach, California. My passion is to share the message of the Gospel through the joy of a song.  After years of addiction to alcohol and marijuana, I found healing and freedom by surrendering my life to Jesus Christ. My purpose now is to go into the world and tell others of His grace and love! 

    "Do You Know," my latest single, was written to share the good news with those that are searching; to tell them that "His mercies reign" and "if they fall ... don't fret." The debt is paid! Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave so that we can all be free -- no matter what it is that binds us. 

    I hope this song will bless you and your listeners. "Do you Know" is an upbeat song with a retro beach vibe that is uplifting and playful. Enjoy the recording and watch the video at http://youtu.be/YGoOWvhHDDE 

    Do you know that He Loves you so? Do you know He'll never let you go? Do you know? Do you really know? I pray and hope with all my heart that you do!

    Blessings and Love to All,
    Tiki --  a sinner saved by grace

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    mesha (28)
    Tiki McPherson | Posted January 02, 2014
    Tiki McPherson sounds brilliant!

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    tinapaget (10)
    GREAT | Posted December 10, 2013

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    :) | Posted December 09, 2013

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    edwardtay (46)
    Awesome songs | Posted December 08, 2013
    blessed by your songs

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    agbozo1 (53)
    Great Stuff | Posted December 03, 2013
    God bless

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    :) | Posted December 03, 2013
    Nice indie artist

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    Love...You've Got to Give It Away | Posted December 03, 2013
    It is so cool how God works! Thank you for your testimony, Tiki, and now, thank you for sharing your music! I really like Love...You Gotta Give It Away, and I hope others will lend your music their ears. In Him, Leo

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    PureHeart (36)
    Redemptive | Posted December 03, 2013
    Has a wonderful redemptive story...

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    Lostage93 (52)
    Always good | Posted October 27, 2013
    Always good to check out unknown indie artists.

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    =) | Posted October 26, 2013
    God bless you!

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