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    “Just because you are in the church it does not mean that you know God”, this is a statement that Image had to learn the hard way. Image was born Joseph Bolden and raised in Houston, TX with his family roots in Alabama & Ohio. Some brief time was spent living with his family in Ohio but he soon returned back to Texas. He was introduced to hip-hop at an early age, though his parents were not crazy about hip-hop, especially since it contained lyrics & ideals his parents didn’t agree with.  To Image hip-hop seemed to relate to where he was in his life, but to his parents it only seemed like rebellion.

    Image was raised in a Christian home with Christian values and went church regularly (because he was suppose to), but had no true relationship with the Lord. Just because you go to church does not mean you are saved! As a child he heard the gospel, but was faced with the truth that he was bad and offended God. That scared Image! He felt like he needed to get saved AGAIN on a weekly basis! Around his mid-teens, the Lord really started to press upon his heart heavy that he needed to let go of certain friends and everything that was blocking a deeper relationship with God.  The rest is history!

    In the past Image thought all Christian rap was wack! Until one day he went to a store where they sold Christian hip-hop. There was one album that had nice artwork so Image picked it up. The album had a song that was called “Joe”. Not only was the song a great song but it spoke directly to where Image was in his life. It was obvious that the song reinforced how God was trying to get Image’s attention  and that he needed to give 100% for God’s work.

    Image released his debut album the The Demands of Change in November of 2009. During the process of the album, the Lord was really dealing with Image on sanctification (the process after salvation when one is plucked out to be conformed into the image of Christ). He felt that every believer could relate to this process and wanted to add clarity to some things that He felt was being left out from some of the music that he heard. The Demands of Change was a successful initial project reaching many people across the globe and received great reviews on the iTunes hip hop charts as well as a review of 5 stars by At the moment Image is finalizing production on his second project The Echoes, soon to be released in 2012.

    Currently Image is enrolled at Moody Bible Institute pursuing a Biblical Counseling degree, and now resides in Houston, TX. He serves in ministry at Crossover Bible Fellowship a gospel-centered church on the northwest side of Houston. With the approach of his sophomore album, “The Echoes” Image’s hope and mission of the music is to hopefully provide music that hopefully paints a picture of the greatest story ever told. Better yet the One who wrote and “inspired” it. Jesus boi!!! .


    For inquiries contact

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    Great story | Posted March 09, 2018
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