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  • "Despiertame Hoy" from Yo Soy Segundo (Deluxe Edition)
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  • "La Iglesia (feat. Steven & Lluvia Richards)" from Principio Y Fin
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  • "Quiero Decirte" from Principio Y Fin
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  • "Yo Soy Segundo" from Yo Soy Segundo
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    Evan Craft
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    Evan Craft is a Christian singer and songwriter, best known for original praise and worship songs in both English and Spanish. Evan began playing guitar at the age of 12 and was writing his own songs and performing by the time he was in high school. He self-released several albums and EPs and distributed them at shows.

    Evan also undertook a serious study of Spanish during his adolescence, developing a proficiency that allowed him to ably assist his father in running a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. He furthered his linguistic studies in college, attending schools in Spain and Costa Rica. He also began writing songs in Spanish. His debut Spanish-language album, Yo Soy Segundo, was released in 2012 on Dream Records and distributed through Universal. He followed it by joining with friends and fellow musicians Sean and Ryan Cook and Nico Aranda; they traveled and delivered an evangelical message through their performances in numerous Spanish churches, schools, and orphanages.

    Considering this to be his mission in life and his best way to serve God, Evan began posting videos to YouTube, and issuing Spanish translations of his English songs as well as Spanish covers of popular English worship tunes. As a result, Y Soy Segundo landed on various Christian radio and download charts. He followed it with the album Jovenes Somos in 2014.

    His YouTube presence exploded, and created a popular demand that allowed him to tour churches and other venues all across Latin America through the rest of that year and into 2015. Returning home during the winter, he began recording a new album of congregational anthems. Entitled Principio Y Fin, the 19-song set on Essancy Music was released in July 2015. It was comprised of original material and featured a duet with Carlos PenaVega on the charting title track, as well as collaborations with other artists including Danilo Montero, Ingrid Rosario, Seth Condrey, and "Un Corazon" with Lluvia Richards.

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    Que hermoso estar en Villa Clara, Cuba 🇨🇺 esta… https://t.co/dyEPrFHf5j
    Posted by @EvanCraft on 05.18.18 | View Tweet
    @Juan7Daza Y si tienes 50 años de soltero??
    Posted by @EvanCraft on 05.17.18 | View Tweet
    @Avianca puedes no cancelar los vuelos sin aviso. Por favor. Gracias
    Posted by @EvanCraft on 05.17.18 | View Tweet
    Evan Craft Mundial parte 3 - Jaén, Peru 🇵🇪.… https://t.co/4zb0ubsgIG
    Posted by @EvanCraft on 05.16.18 | View Tweet
    Evan Craft Mundial parte 2 - Jaén, Peru 🇵🇪.… https://t.co/wC2C1PorKC
    Posted by @EvanCraft on 05.16.18 | View Tweet

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    PureHeart (35)
    Blessed | Posted November 27, 2013
    So blessed by this music - in both languages.

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    Evan Craft | Posted October 24, 2013
    God bless you!

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    Music | Posted September 09, 2013
    I really like Evan Craft's song "Broken Heart"! I love the music and the lyrics!

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    soulful voice | Posted July 08, 2013
    Evan has a wonderful voice that sounds fresh and different.

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    Amazing!! | Posted April 29, 2013
    Amazing music. Continue serving the Lord....and may He always use you for His glory. #GodBless

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    Keep Going! | Posted June 28, 2012
    It's good to see a young man praising the lord! Keep going!

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    nice work | Posted March 31, 2012
    hmm.. interesting stuff! Not quite sure how to classify his style - maybe a bit of Shawn McDonald, the Afters, pop, and plenty of other influences including a bit of 'rap' ! Keep it up!

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