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  • "Jesus Loves Me (I Need More)" from Resident Alien
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    Grant Norsworthy
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    Through stories, words, pictures and songs, Grant Norsworthy possesses a rare ability to reshape sometimes-overwhelming concepts into deep-yet-simple thoughts that propel listeners to realization and action. Now based in Nashville, TN but originally from Australia, Grant's style is unconventional, immedate and energizing.

    Grant is a qualified, experienced teacher and a much-sought-after speaker at festivals, conferences, colleges, church services, workshops and other events across the USA and many parts of the world.

    As the bassist with top CCM bands such as PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and SONICFLOOd, he is also a Grammy® nominated and Dove Award winning musician. Grant Norsworthy speaks and sings passionately about life, the true nature of worship, how true worship relates to the "least of these" (Matt 25:31-46) and, above all, following Jesus.
    Grant comes equipped with a vast experience of cultural diversity and a healthy fascination with the human condition. He has traveled as a speak and musician to all 50 of the US states and numerous countries over five continents. Growing up on the edge of the globe in Australia has given Norsworthy a passionate desire to explore the world and authentically engage with life's joys and struggles wherever and however they occur. As an "alien" in the USA, Grant offers a fresh perspective - especially on the American Christian culture - that challenges audiences to re-examine accepted "truth"; encouraging us all to go straight to the source of truth - Jesus.
    An avid spokesperson for the child advocacy organization Compassion International (, Grant Norsworthy openly seeks opportunities to gather suport for their work. In his own words, "I have seen Compassion in action in Thailand and Rwanda. My life has been radically changed through connections with the children that my family and I sponsor and love. I am passionate about what Compassion does and how they do it, especially because it aligns so well with my understanding of how pure and perfect worship is expressed [James 1:27]. I'm excited about representing Compassion and supporting their efforts. Through word and song, I will be seeking to do just that whenever and wherever possible."
    His debut solo album Resident Alien features live favorites "Jesus Loves Me (I Need More)", "Rwanda", "My Declaration", "The Healing", and Grant's arrangement of the well-loved hymn "Be Thou My Vision" which includes an original verse. (released January 1, 2012)

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    Love Grant's new album "Resident Alien" | Posted December 29, 2011
    I have heard Grant perform several of these songs during his visits here in El Paso (Jesus Loves Me (I Need More, My Declaration, Rwanda, The Healing and Be Thou My Vision). It's wonderful to hear the stuio recorded version of those. I love every track on the album. Jesus Loves Me (I Need More)is a wonderful song with a familiar tune, but making a great point that God shows us his love in all kinds of ways, through nature, the love of a friend, through children. It reminds me not to limit God but expect Him to speak to us any way he wants. I love My Declaration. The drums in the beginning give it that very strong, declaring feel and I love the whole arrangement. GIves it almost a Live feel... I knew Here For Life (Crimson Clover)from a Paul Colman Trio "Turn" album from back in 2000 but this version (with an extra verse)is very (boldly)different, and I love it! Three tracks that were completely new for me: Voice Recorder Blues (very fun song, my kids' favorite now, my 9 year old asked me to push the 'replay button 5 times yesterday in the car!). On and On (Prelude) and On and On are simply beautiful... Love this album!

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    Very talented man | Posted December 29, 2011
    Grant's awesome. Have been a fan since the beginning of PC3. So excited about the release of his album, it's has definitely been long awaited, and is just fantastic. He is also a really wonderful person, who always has time for his supporters, whether it is to say hi, or just drop a comment back to them. Everyone should buy his new album!

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