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  • "Fire Inside You" from Fightback Soundtrack
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  • "Oxygen" from Hello
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  • "Supernova Sunrise" from Hello
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  • "You're the Best Thing" from Fightback Soundtrack
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    We Are Leo Releases New Single
    (Thursday, October 08, 2015)
    DREAM Records Announces Signing Of We Are Leo
    (Thursday, March 13, 2014)
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    Say Hello to a fresh, new sound in music. Say Hello to We Are Leo. The Chicago-area based pop/rock quartet has developed their distinct brand of energetic, message-based music over the course of three years of touring, earning them a legion of loyal, grass-roots fans while playing with the likes of Skillet, Family Force 5 and House of Heroes. Armed with warm smiles and genuine down-to-earth attitudes, We Are Leo are seasoned, energetic performers. They have won several “Battle of the Bands’” and have been hand selected to play NACA showcases, theme park shows and festivals such as Lifest, Big Ticket and Purple Door.

    Their debut record, Hello, a varied and rich collection of culturally relevant pop and rock songs, was produced and co-written by Ben Kasica of Skillet. Hello is releasing under Kasica’s label, Skies Fall Records, and comes highly anticipated by their avid, young fan-base. Ben says, “I became a fan of We Are Leo from the first time I heard them. David has a way of writing lyrics with a strong and relevant message that only a few writers have done before. I’m personally moved and blessed by their songs, so it was an honor to work on their record. With the heart and message of a young Jon Foreman and the hooks of a Top 40 artist, We are Leo is well on their way toward musical greatness.”

    We Are Leo frontman, David Duffield, says, "What we are aspiring to do is write and sing songs that will express a real sense of God's love to young hearts and minds… songs that will become anthems of faith, hope and new life. I want to make music that grabs people’s attention; that is relevant to them musically and spiritually." He goes on to say, “Our band name, We Are Leo, is about our desire to be bold and courageous like a lion (leo being the Greek word for Lion), and also that we might shine like stars in the darkness, like the constellation Leo does.”

    Hailing originally from the plains east of Denver, Colorado, David, who also helms the keyboards and his younger brother/drummer Jonny Duffield started the band to express the songs they were writing from experiences gained while traveling around the world with Teen Mania Missions, Acquire the Fire Youth Events and cultivating a heart for worship at The Living Light School of Worship. Adding guitarist Doug Weier from Chicago and Detroit-raised bassist Andrew Alojipan, We Are Leo has developed into a full-force rock band with a mission. They remarked: "When we are on the road, we sense that we aren't merely touring America, we are fighting for love, for hope and for new beginnings."

    With Hello, We Are Leo brings that fight to the front lines. The lead single, “Live For Love,” is a summer jam and dance-pop declaration of our mandate to love one another, while the rock anthem “Oxygen” and futuristic tune “I’m With You” remind us of our utter need for God and His promise to always be with us. Other highlights include “Seventeen,” a reminder of our need for a fresh start, and the pop anthem “Colors,” which celebrates our hope and identity in Christ.

    With enough fun and rock ‘n roll to keep the kids dancing and depth and relevance of message and musicality to satisfy the adult in all of us, We Are Leo is poised to impact the young and mature alike as they encourage all of us to ‘Live For Love’. Hello indeed.

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    Official Twitter Updates
    ♫ Just Announced: Indianapolis, IN - Dec 30 at FOLLOW Conference http://t.co/iZZJsSuSck
    Posted by @weareleo on 10.07.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Just Announced: Omaha, NE - Feb 21 at Morning Encounter http://t.co/BBSVykXvcJ
    Posted by @weareleo on 10.06.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Just Announced: Dayton, WY - Feb 13 at House Band (Private Camp) http://t.co/Ixz3rQHduf
    Posted by @weareleo on 10.06.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Just Announced: Dayton, WY - Feb 15 at House Band (Private Camp) http://t.co/SCsAldps2a
    Posted by @weareleo on 10.06.15 | View Tweet
    ♫ Just Announced: Dayton, WY - Feb 14 at House Band (Private Camp) http://t.co/jm3lC9IREg
    Posted by @weareleo on 10.06.15 | View Tweet

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    PureHeart (36)
    Hold on a minute | Posted November 27, 2013
    You guys played with House of Heroes?! How could I have missed that!?

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    Awesome!!! | Posted June 27, 2012
    I would recommend these guys to everyone! I saw them at Alive Fest and was totally blown away!!! My whole family loved them (which is saying something)! If you fused Owl City with Decyfer Down and added a little bit of tobyMac in there, you might get something like We Are Leo! Definitely check them out! You will not be disappointed!!!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    awesome sound!! | Posted October 01, 2011
    This is just amazing, when I was looking for a new sound here it is!! I think the youth in the Church will love this!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    I Live for Love | Posted October 01, 2011
    Thank you so much this fresh song. i enjoy it very much.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    We are Leo | Posted September 30, 2011
    I enjoyed listening to your latest release. It's great to hear new and fresh musical styles in the Chrsitian music sphere. My favorite track was "I'm With You".

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Love Leo! | Posted September 29, 2011
    So glad you are on New Artist Watch! I have been following "we are leo" on facebook for a while now.. I love love love this band, so fresh and new, and different, in a good way of course.. Live for Love is such a cool song. I just LOVE IT!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    hunthd01 (69)
    We Are Leo - Live | Posted September 28, 2011
    I saw We Are Leo perform live at Fandana Festival in Huntington, IN this past August. Their stage presence was AMAZING. As was their sound. Keep up the good work!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Tiganiki (41)
    :) | Posted September 28, 2011
    Love your new album !

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Awesome new group! | Posted September 27, 2011
    These guys have extremely creative pop music. I totally love their Hello debut!!!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    We Are Leo have potential | Posted September 24, 2011
    I downloaded "Supernova Sunrise" from this week's free downloads,and I have to say, these guys have some great potential. They are already signed to Ben Kasicka's label, Skies Fall, so that should do some good to 'em.

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
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