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    Danielle Lewis
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    Have you ever heard a sound so pure?

    Dale and Annmarie Lewis heard such a thing on February 27, 1982 when their daughter Danielle was born. They found her drawn to the sounds of Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patti at the tender age of four. She would listen to their records every day when she came home from school. Shortly after, she starred in her first musical and enrolled in piano lessons at the age of six.  From this point, it was obvious that music was more than an interest, but an essential part of who she was. Even in her youth, she pressed to develop her pure sound by studying at the Queens College Saturday Music Academy at eight years old.

    Danielle’s love for music brought her to Five Towns College where she studied Jazz Commercial Music and Opera. Danielle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Commercial Music and tours the world as a full time singer/musician. In addition to penning her own material, she has written for many local artists in the North Eastern Region. As the co-CEO of A-MinorMusik Group, Inc., Danielle with the help of her husband, Andre Johnson, extend growth opportunities to churches who are interested in their music ministry, ranging from vocal and instrumental training to music and vocal recording.

    What makes this sound so pure?

    Danielle, like many singer/songwriters, can lay claim to getting her start in the church, yet she distinguishes herself by remaining in the church; she believes that she is the church. She brings its sense of love, hope, healing and community wherever she goes. Her melodious voice will ring from the church to the studio, the studio to the stage and from heaven straight into your heart. This immense love for music has paved the way for international exposure bringing the German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Australian and Serbian audiences as close to her pure sound as her followers in the New York Tri-State Area. Near or far, she wants to bring you closer to God; closer to a new day in music where artistry and ministry are not compromised.

    On April 18th, 2010 she launched her first project entitled AMAZING to rave reviews. XImagonline.com, GospelInnovation.com, and FullBlastMagazine.com were among the many magazines and publications that reviewed the album and supported the release. As one of the directors for youth oriented organizations, Hungry 4 God and The Vision Camp, Danielle Lewis aims to release her pure sound to youths and young adults alike.   

    Have you ever heard a sound so pure?

    Brace yourself and experience the pure sounds of Danielle Lewis. Music is her passion, writing is her love, singing is her heart and ministry is her life.

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    @jamesgabriel LOVE YOU BOTH
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