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  • "Can't Shut Up" from Anthem Lights
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  • "Christmas Hymns Medley: O, Little Town of Bethlehem / Silent Night / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing / Away in a Manger / Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee / Joy to the World" from Hymns
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  • "Don't You Worry Child" from Anthem Lights Covers
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  • "Doxology (feat. Selah)" from Hymns
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  • "Easter Medley: Because He Lives / My Redeemer Lives / Arise My Love" from Hymns
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  • "Fight Forever" from Fight Forever - Single
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  • "Follow Your Heart" from Follow Your Heart
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  • "Give Me a Lifetime" from Escape
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  • "Give Your Heart a Break" from Anthem Lights Covers
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  • "Good Fight" from Painted Skies
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  • "Good Good Father" from Hymns
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  • "Hallelujah Medley: Hallelujah! What a Savior / Hallelujah / Angus Dei" from Hymns
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  • "Heart Attack" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "Hide Your Love Away" from Hide Your Love Away
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  • "Hymns Medley: Amazing Grace / Be Thou My Vision / Come Thou Fount / I Need Thee Every Hour" from Hymns
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  • "I Need Thee Every Hour" from Hymns
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  • "I Wanna Know You Like That" from Anthem Lights
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  • "In Christ Alone" from Hymns
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  • "It Is Well With My Soul" from Hymns
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  • "Just Be You (feat. Sadie Robertson)" from Class of 2018 EP
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  • "Just Fall" from Escape
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  • "Just The Way You Are (Acoustic)" from The Acoustic Sessions
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  • "Justin Timberlake Mashup" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "MercyMe Medley - I Can Only Imagine / Word of God Speak / Even If" from MercyMe Medley - I Can Only Imagine / Word of God Speak / Even If (Single)
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  • "Mirrors" from Mirrors - Single
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  • "Mirrors" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "One Direction Medley" from Anthem Lights Covers
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  • "One Republic Mash-Up" from Covers, Pt. III
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  • "Pompeii" from Covers, Pt. III
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  • "Roar" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "Simple Little Christmas" from Simple Little Christmas
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  • "Southern Gospel Medley: Ill Fly Away / Swing Low (Sweet Chariot) / I Saw the Light" from Hymns
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  • "Taylor Swift Mashup" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "The Blood Medley: Victory in Jesus / Are You Washed in the Blood? / Nothing but the Blood of Jesus / Power in the Blood" from Hymns, Vol, II
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  • "The Cross Medley: Jesus Paid It All / The Old Rugged Cross" from Hymns, Vol, II
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  • "The Invitation Medley: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / I Surrender All / I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" from Hymns, Vol, II
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  • "This I Promise You" from Anthem Lights Covers
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  • "Top of the World" from Escape
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  • "Wake Me Up/Hey, Brother (f/ Gracie Sch)" from Covers, Pt. III
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  • "We Are Never Getting Back Together" from Anthem Lights Covers
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  • "What About Love" from Anthem Lights Covers Part II
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  • "Who I'm Meant to Be" from Painted Skies
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    Anthem Lights
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    I don't belong, I speak the language 
    but still I can't understand what's going on
    So I'm running to you just as fast as I can
    Don't want to settle in, this place is not my home
    I am a stranger in this world, just passing through...
    I won't be home til I'm with you

    For Anthem Lights--an innovative, high-energy pop foursome with soaring vocals and hearts bent on ministry--"Stranger" is more than another song. It's an identity, a way of life they've embraced. It's a powerful truth that impacts every decision they make, underscores every lyric they write, and every note they sing.

    "As followers of Christ, we were not made for this world," explains Anthem Lights member Alan Powell. "We don't belong here. And all the self-doubt and insecurity and struggling to fit in, it's all part of believing the lie that we're supposed to be 'at home' here. God created us in His image--there's nothing to doubt about that! We're here to love others and be Christ in the world. The closer we get to Christ, to being what we were created to be in this world, our value of what this world values begins to fade."

    It's an important message for misfits of any age, but especially for millions of teenagers struggling to find a well-lit place in an increasingly dark world.

    The group's infectiously melodic self-titled debut delivers 10 powerful anthems sure to leave a ripple effect long after the CD stops spinning.

    Anthem Lights can trace its roots back to the fall of 2007, when singer/songwriter Alan Powell joined forces with then aspiring solo artist Chad Graham. Both were living in Los Angeles at the time, to pen songs for Chad's solo effort. But providentially, the more they wrote, the more it became clear that these powerful, harmonic songs were meant for a group. Within a matter of days, the pieces fell into place, when two other Liberty University students--Caleb Grimm and Kyle Kupecky--came on board, "When God put the pieces together," says Powell, "we just knew it was right. Everything just fell into place... like it was meant to be."

    After months of writing, recording and prayer, Anthem Lights signed with Reunion Records and began fleshing out what would become its self-titled debut. 

    "These songs were born out of what we've experienced over the past couple of years, spiritually," Powell continues. "We've had to learn some very difficult lessons about who God is and who we are. We've gone through moments where we felt really close to the Lord, really felt Him at work in our lives, and then very real moments when you feel you're going around in circles and can't find Him at all. I think we've just tried to be really honest about what that darkness feels like and yet make it clear that 'the Light always wins.'"

    With four extremely gifted vocalists and a wealth of songwriting talent, Anthem Lights is a force to be reckoned with. But from the beginning, notes Powell, "We were intentional on being more than just another pop group. We understood our calling, that we were meant to be more than 'music business.' We were called to share the Light we've been given. To build people up. To lead the way." 

    "So many people get up and chase what they chase," adds Caleb Grimm. "There's no real reason to wake up in the morning, no real reason to live. But Christianity is supposed to be everything to us... it's not just a free ticket to heaven. It's everything. Pop music is just the medium we use to get the Gospel out there."

    "We take this ministry very seriously," says Chad Graham. "God has always been leading us down this path, and so we want to use what God has given us to get this message out to people who need it: 'Your life has purpose and meaning in Christ.' We all struggle with the idea of perfection, and we all stumble and fall, but that purpose for our lives never goes away. And God never, ever gives up on us."

    Produced by Juan Otero and Seth Moseley, aka The Write Brothers (Newsboys, Me in Motion), and Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Chasen), Anthem Lights' debut carries a message of hope and purpose for believers and non-believers alike. From the gloriously contagious pop of "Can't Shut Up" and the danceable energy of "Outta My Mind," to more tender moments like "I Wanna Know You Like That" and "Can't Get Over You," Anthem Lights infuses a little something for everyone on its stunning debut.

    With an arsenal of influences including dcTalk, Michael Jackson, One Republic, Stevie Wonder, Gavin DeGraw, tobyMac, and Justin Timberlake, Anthem Lights has fashioned a dramatic pop experience that is all their own... a rarity in today's music scene. 

    "I feel like we landed in a really original place," says Powell of the band's sonic approach. "We wanted it to sound big, textured, layered, to give you that feeling of being swept away, and to really connect with pop music fans. But we wanted it to have an edge too. Live instrumentation is important to us as a group, so we wanted to keep that authenticity and accessibility... incredible keys, real guitars and real drums. With those barometers, we were confident in our producers and their great musical sensibilities." 

    But ultimately, adds Kyle Kupecky, it's the message behind the music that ignites and inspires every note. "It comes down to the three things we love: music, entertainment, and Jesus... And the greatest of these is Jesus. We're here to help people know who Jesus is and connect on a deeper level with Him. For those who don't know Him, we want to make that introduction, to say 'your life has a bigger purpose.' There are such hedonistic messages in our culture--from music, movies and TV--'if it feels good, do it,' but we want to give them something that speaks to their soul, to encourage them and support them as they grow up in Christ. And for believers, we just really want to start a fire in them."
    Kyle Kupecky left Anthem Lights in 2013 to start his solo career. Jesus had been speaking to him for some time and Jesus spoke to him that it was time. Chad,Alan and Caleb were sad to see him go, but were excited for him in this new adventure with God. In May the guys announced that Joseph Stamper would be joining the group. Now Kyle Kupecky is starting his new adventure with God, releasing powerful music well Joseph Stamper is fitting right in with the group. He has an incredible voice and a heart for God. Kyle Kupecky is missed, but as he continues his own adventure with God, Joseph Stamper is starting his!

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    Thanks guys!!!! ❤️✊
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    RT @musicnotes: When non-choir kids hang out with choir kids 😂
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    We've recieved many requests for sheet music for our musical arrangements...well now they're available on…
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    Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you incredible rock star, world-changing moms out there! We re-wrote this classic…
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    Imogen (1)
    edu | Posted February 13, 2018
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    ANTHEM LIGHTS are awesome!!! | Posted October 31, 2017
    I love ANTHEM LIGHTS! I really like all of their original albums, I don't mind their covers but definitely prefer their original music.

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    EsterS (6)
    COMPLETELY AMAZING BEYOND WORDS | Posted September 27, 2013
    I am a huge LIGHTBULB!:)I love these guys so much their music is incredible! Anthem Lights has been a great impact in my daily walk with Jesus. He has used thier music to help me greatly in my rough times and uses them just as a reminder that He loves me and is always there by my side! <3 I listen to them when I'm joyful,feeling down, and just everyday:) These boys have been an inspiration in my life through my writing and through my days, reminding me never to give up and to fight for what I believe in even when I'm shaking in my boots because Jesus is right next to me helping me along! Caleb,Joey,Alan and Chad have amazing personalities that brighten my day. They are funny,kind,caring,loving, have a big heart for God. Completely amazing voices!:) I love them with my whole heart,I pray for them daily and will always support them! In the words of one of Karen Kingsbury's books "I would do anything for you sir.Anything that was right:) <3 May God bless them and give them strenght daily! <33

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Amazing Men of God | Posted July 22, 2013
    I was introduced to Anthem Lights at the Rock and Worship Roadshow in 2012. Feel in love with their songs and their songwriting. Their love for God is for real and there is no doubt of how much these men are changing lives through their music and their ministry. Their music (and God) have changed my lives and I wish them the best and that God will continue to pour blessings through their ministry.

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    Awesome | Posted April 13, 2013
    They may not be original, but they do make very fun and catchy music, a niche not filled by many Christian artists. Most importantly, they love God with all their hearts and voices!

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    Nicole7 (4)
    Amazing! ♥ | Posted July 09, 2012
    Anthem Lights is a great band. They add a pop twist to Christian music and keep it all about God. I saw them in concert once and they were great. I hope to see them a lot more in the future.

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    kari21 (1)
    Enjoyed meeting you guys! | Posted February 17, 2012
    I met you guys at The Story at Rock Church in Va. Beach in December and became a new fan that night. Can't wait to see you guys again at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. on May 6, I believe.

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    Amazing! | Posted July 27, 2011
    I love this band! They are so passionate about God, and his love.. and it really shows in how they act and in their music. Plus they have amazing personality's and amazing voices! I also love how they are so into their music, it really gets me on fire for Christ! I want to thanks them for all that they do, and encourage them to keep doing what they are doing!

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